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by Chris Harder

Go-Go Harder is a world-renowned go-go dancer, club promoter, and Boylesque performer. CockyBoys is his first foray into the porn world — he released a solo scene with us in March. This summer, he’s taking his Boylesque act to Europe and filming his first hardcore sex scenes for us on the side. The Cocky Beast asked him to write a column for us documenting all his experiences for fans back home.


Photo via John Paul Bichard

So where did we leave off? Oh right, with me preparing to get fucked in the picturesque though slightly perilous hills of Manchester at a place known to locals as “the old cotton gin.”

If you’re just following my blog now, the answer is No, CockyBoys has not started working on “mad-cap” mystery porn, but if so, then I would be Velma. And instead of hitching a ride on the Mystery Machine with Scooby and Shaggy, I’ve been roaming through the UK and Northern Europe on my EuroHarder tour of Boylesque shows and nightlife clubs, documenting everything from the view from the Eiffel Tower to plates piled high with Vienna sausage to naked crowd surfing in Berlin (which as you can imagine is pretty much the “Monday routine” over there). My trip has culminated with an amazingly hot threesome with Manchester’s finest, JP DuBois and Sam Barclay, and this is where my story continues.

“Meanwhile, back at the cotton gin…”


When Sam had excitedly mentioned the possibility of filming our scene outside in “the old deserted cotton gin,” I had a picturesque vision of earth-worn, sand-colored stones and archaic though unexpectedly clean machinery, perfectly overturned for the most desirable of doggy-style positions. However, the dilapidated, weed-and-nettle covered structure before me offered no such pretenses and if anything, it more than lived up to its abandoned reputation. Vegetation and apparent mud slides had taken out whole sections of the mill, exposing its crumbling two stories. A makeshift staircase of tree roots and discarded bricks led us with our equipment onto the second floor, revealing a graffiti and moss covered clubhouse. The vegetation had obviously been reclaiming this eerily beautiful building for many years, and as I carefully hoisted my lights over what once had been an impenetrable wall, JP casually mentioned to avoid the moss covered floor boards as the excess moisture weakened the wood, resulting in crater-like holes dropping into the darkened bowels of the first floor and basement.

“Sure, no problem,” I chirped in my best can-do American accent, as images of me plummeting to my death mid-blowjob raced through my mind. However, though the mill was far from my original idyllic imaginings — and let’s be real, a huge health hazard — I actually thought it was really, well, “Neat-o Scooby!” I loved the idea of making my first hardcore scene in a less than conventional setting, even if I had to constantly mind where I stepped, let alone knelt!

My excitement continued to literally “build” as I watched JP and Sam set up the lights and the wide-angle camera to capture all of our fucking. As mentioned in my previous post, both guys have beautiful bodies: lean, toned muscles that are naturally hair-free, with beautiful juicy asses, and equally impressive dicks with huge hoods of foreskin. And by the way, I’m a huge fan of foreskin. Attribute it to my love of costuming or perhaps my fondness for reveals and surprises in my numbers, but I love sucking an uncut dick.


I unconsciously caught myself rubbing my crotch which was growing warmer even in the cool, English weather. I liked the fact that I was literally bringing something different to the table — or cotton gin as it were. My body is lean and defined, but pretty much covered in curly dark hair from the neck down which I blame on my German roots. And while my dick is cut, I definitely know how to treat a guy’s ass with some good ol’ Yankee spirit. Not to mention, my ass is tighter than the Queen of England’s thin-lipped smile. I squeezed my semi-hard dick one more time, eagerly anticipating my exploration of these two beautiful bodies. I was more than confident that the boys and I would put on an internationally appealing show.

Of course, fucking and filming/fucking are two completely different activities. While I had readied myself with that affirmation and talked to several of my friends in the biz — Bryan Slater and Mike Dreyden were especially helpful — JP, Sam and I also had the unique challenge of self-directing, filming, and literally sucking, fucking, and trying to keep up the sexual energy and spontaneity of the scene.

But as the guys finished testing the final light and securing the main camera, a casual mood suddenly settled over the entire afternoon. I caught Sam winking at me, and I knew it was time. As JP inconspicuously pressed the record button on the camera, I found myself getting firmly pressed up against the cool brick of the cotton gin, readily accepting Sam’s tongue in my mouth as my hands began moving down his smooth abdomen to that beautiful, rock-hard dick I had so admired in the showers just a few hours earlier…

You can expect the final installment of Go-Go’s EuroHarder column very soon on The Cocky Beast before his first hardcore scene with JP DuBois and Sam Barclay premieres on CockyBoys at the end of the summer. You can follow Go-Go on Twitter here: @GoGoHarder

    As I’ve mentioned at least a thousand times before, I cannot wait wait to see this!
    I have to say though, kudos to GoGo, what a challenging first shoot, a threeway & in less than cushy surroundings, well done. Then again, you were in the best hands imaginable…….. ;o)

    ps. did I mention that I can’t wait?

    Kirsty aka @christiank
    June 24th, 2013 7:40 pm

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