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by Nick Swallow
But let's be real. Who doesn't?

But let's be real. Who doesn't?

Don’t know Jeremy Feist? Well, you should. The up-and-coming pornlet has starred in scenes with the likes of JP Jackson, Jeremy Roddick, and Sam Swift, and he has no plans of stopping any time soon (well…maybe if you offer him enough bacon cheeseburgers*). I ask him about things like coming out, getting fucked, sandwiches, and more after the jump:

*you can see why this dude stole my heart.

That cock, just ready to burst.

That cock, just ready to burst.

Brian Ritz: Alrighty. So. Let’s chat.

Jeremy Feist: Alrighty! Let’s rock this bitch

Brian Ritz: I think we should have a more specific focus today, namely on the whole gay/porn thing and your loved ones acceptance/rejection thereof

Jeremy Feist: Okay, cool cool

Brian Ritz: That being said: when did you realize you were gay? And did you try to hide it?

Jeremy Feist: I think it was around when I was twelve. You know, the time when everyone is starting to like girls or like boys. I just started liking boys.

Brian Ritz: What was your first crush like?

Jeremy Feist: Oh yeah, that did not end well. It was on a straight guy who everyone thought was gay, and long story short, I didn’t get the guy, but I did walk away with a consolation prize of five months of anorexia. Spiffy!

Brian Ritz: Dude, I hear you on that.

Jeremy Feist: Fun, isn’t it?

Brian Ritz: I just did a post on my blog (not to be like, shamelessly self promoting) about breaking up with my bf of two years…I ended up in the psych ward for a while

Brian Ritz: Fucking men. ugh.

Jeremy Feist: Yeah, that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend. Well, that and my combined fears of commitment and rejection.

Brian Ritz: Well, on the bright side, at least you get to fuck around (literally) with hot guys

Jeremy Feist: Without commitment. High Five!

Brian Ritz: *returns high five*

Brian Ritz: But yeah, so. This is kind of off-topic, but what would you say has been your favorite scene so far?

Jeremy Feist: Hmmmm…It’s a toss-up between my first scene with Jeremy Roddick for Videoboys, or Sam Swift for His First Huge Cock

Brian Ritz: Tell me about how you came out to your family.

Jeremy Feist: Well, ironically, they went through my history on the internet back when I was, like, fifteen, so it wasn’t so much an outing as it was me being dragged kicking and screaming out of the closet. I’ve since learned how to clear my history and my cookies.

I'm not clearing MY history of this.

I'm not clearing MY history of this.

Brian Ritz: Oh dude, that’s rough. Did you just like, come home from school and your parents were all, “We need to talk to you.”?

Jeremy Feist: Oh, my Mom did that thing where she kinda corners you alone and then does that whole “Psychic guilt trip” thing until you spill your guts. She’s very good at that. It’s a bit annoying

Brian Ritz: And after you admitted to it, did the dynamics in your family change?

Jeremy Feist: Well, sorta. I mean, my brothers are kinda curious about the logistics, my Dad is okay with it, and Mom thought it was just awesome. We’re four boys, so the idea that one of us was gay was like the closest thing she’ll ever get to a daughter. Also, it’s provided her with a TON of fresh material to make fun of me for. We love to make fun of each other. It’s how we bond

Brian Ritz: Oh really?? Dude, that’s actually awesome.

Jeremy Feist: Oh it is, we have fucking a blast making fun of each other

Brian Ritz: What about the porn part? Do they know?

Jeremy Feist: Oh yeah, that…Well, long story but here it goes: My aunt found out because she works for this huge computer company up here in Montreal, and apparently, like 10% of her employees are gay. Anyway, she found out from them, and then she kinda pressured me into telling them. At first, my Dad was okay with it, but he had a bit of a freak out later where he almost brought out his lawyers. But he’s fine now. Mom went ballistic. She’s okay with the whole gay thing, but she’s very anti-porn. We basically spent, like, a month at each other’s throats. My God, we said to each other that would get your tongue cut out in certain countries. But eventually, she kinda came around too. She’s not exactly Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy about it, but she’s at least tolerating it. She even calls herself Mama Feist now, and she follows me on Twitter. Trippy, huh?

Brian Ritz: Wow…that’s so funny; my aunt found out about my blog because of my Facebook…then she contacted all my family and told them my Facebook/lifestyle was obviously “a cry for help.”

Brian Ritz: How long have you been “in the business,” then?

Jeremy Feist: Let’s see…Yeah, all of five months, really.

Brian Ritz: Any big plans for your porn future?

Jeremy Feist: Well, it would be nice to start doing some big name studio work in the states and all that, but so far, no dice. Kind of a bummer, but meh, just gotta keep on trying

Brian Ritz: If you could shoot a scene with anybody, from any studio…who would it be?

Jeremy Feist: Oh, just one? Ummmmmmmm…fuck, I don’t know, I guess Erik Rhodes. Or Francois Sagat. I likes me the muscle.

Brian Ritz: Hell yes Francois Sagat

Jeremy Feist: Well, that or Leo Giamani. I like him better with the fur though. I want to go to there…

Brian Ritz: Speaking of Liz Lemon, we all know how she loves her sandwiches. And you: favorite fast food?

Jeremy Feist: First off, kudos to you on catching the reference. Well done. Second, they have this BBQ Rib sandwich at Subway that’s fucking terrific. Seriously, when I was in Toronto last time, that’s all I ate for three days. Literally. I called it The Barrett Long diet.

Brian Ritz: mwahahah! I’ve never had the BBQ one; I usually just stick with turkey. And Wendy’s. Do you guys have Wendy’s up there, in Canadialand?

Jeremy Feist: Oh yeah, we have Wendy’s too! GOD, I love Wendy’s. McDonald’s has some good fries, but Wendy’s burgers border on orgasmic. It’s like sex, if sex was a cheeseburger topped with bacon.

Brian Ritz: I KNOW!

Brian Ritz: I love their chicken nuggets best.

Brian Ritz: Blahfhh talk of food makes me hungry (and there’s a Wendy’s right down the street from my office)…any parting-for-now words?

Jeremy Feist: Normally, this is where people say something funny and charming, but yeah, I got nothing.

Brian Ritz: Yeah, you suck.

Brian Ritz: Get outta town.

Jeremy Feist: I know, I suck. Glurg.

Brian Ritz: Glurg yourself, sir Feist.

Brian Ritz: I must depart for some Wendy’s (seriously…), but it was great talking to you!

Brian Ritz: Feel free to Skype or e-mail me any time and let me know how you’re doing!

Jeremy Feist: You too! Enjoy the burger! Later!

He's shutting his eyes tight, wishing for more cum. Oh, am I projecting again?

He's shutting his eyes tight, wishing for more cum. Oh, am I projecting again?

    What I like best about Jeremy is his wit. Sure, he’s a cute guy, has a nice thick dick and could take a slamming like the best of ’em, but it takes a special person to be able to be self deprecating and earnestly cheeky at the same time…

    September 3rd, 2009 7:07 pm

    Sure, the kid has an ok cock, but my god is he violently unattractive otherwise!

    September 8th, 2009 3:53 pm

    Whaaaatttt. I find him super-cute, and definitely not “violently unattractive.” The only person I would define as violently unattractive is Sex Offender, Brian Peppers pictured below. Jeremy Feist hardly resembles him.

    Just out of curiosity, who do you find attractive?

    September 8th, 2009 4:05 pm

    Ya know what, I just read Jeremy’s blog, and I withdraw my comments. The guy has enough issues/stuff going on in his life, and I feel bad about picking on the appearance of someone when they are clearly down.

    September 8th, 2009 5:13 pm

    Oh, and by the way Brian…LOVE the site. You got yourself a new reader, for sure!

    September 8th, 2009 5:14 pm

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