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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Yesterday, we premiered the very first look at CockyBoys’ latest Jake Jaxson-directed installment, The Haunting, and today I am proud to bring you the official trailer for the short film which will premiere early next week!

Dillon Rossi in The Haunting

So get ready for Dillon Rossi, Jake Steel, and Arnaud Chagall to scare the fuck out of you AND fuck the scare out of you! The thing I love about this short is that it’s captivating to watch even when you’re not horny. The feelings you get while watching this range from fear to suspense to horny to really damn entertaining! And there’s also quite a surprising but of humor!

Dillon Rossi in The Haunting

My favorite part in the trailer is this little shout out to Paranormal Activity. That movie is incredibly easy to spoof, but Dillon, Jake, and Arnaud do such a good job at acting that their emotions are highly believable! Did you know that one of the working titles for this scene was “Pair o’ homos’ Sex-tivity”?

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