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by Nick Swallow

Frankie V is a handsome young man- and with those lips a natural when it comes to cock sucking. Cameron pops a super hard boner and Frankie drops his head and gives it some hot, hard loving with his mouth, desperately working out the precum that’ll (possibly) sate his hunger for sex.


But sucking dick is never going to be enough for a horny young man like Frankie. He is kinda enthralled by Cameron’s beautiful face and body and wants those hard inches of dick buried in his butt- and really, who wouldn’t? Cameron is fucking hot, with flat abs, hot tats snaking across his body and an intense yet relaxed sex appeal shining from his eyes.


The two of them fuck and writhe like two young studs do, with Cameron pushing slowly into Frankie, giving him time to get used to the hardness inside him, before picking up speed and pounding into the young, smooth cute.


Watch the sizzling trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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