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by Nick Swallow

Jesse Santana graces the cover for Cocky Boys' Fuck the Hell Out Me

Such a clever title. Such a hot cover. Should I really be surprised at this point, given Cocky Boys’ track record?¬†With every release, Kyle Majors tries to deliver the best of the best. This time around, the focus was on aggressive tops pounding the hell out of Power Bottoms. With Skylar Caine, Kai Cruz, Jesse Santana, and Wolf Hudson, you can tell that this one will be a scorcher.

Scottie Brooks topping Tory Mason

Scottie Brooks topping Tory Mason

Nelson Troy gets fucked by Kai Cruz

Seth Clark Fucking Jesse Santana

And more, naturally, but I’m still super exhausted after a long weekend at The Phoenix Forum. Highlights include:

-seeing HotBoyLuke get a blowjob, poolside

-hanging out with Chris Porter and Phillip Ashton

-ogling Jason Pitt, Steve Cruz, Trojan Rock, etc.

-oh yeah…learning stuff, too…I guess…:P

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