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by Nick Swallow

Gabriel Clark and his rock hard cock are a welcome sight– and the fact that he’s using that hot uncut dick on Canadian cutie David Corey is just the cherry on top. David is a young man with a hunger for cock (as we saw when he worked over Arnaud Chaggal a few weeks ago) that isn’t easily tamed- but Gabriel does his best, sitting back in a chair and pushing David’s face into his crotch, smiling as he watches his throbbing cock slowly disappear between the young mans lips.


Things get more intense after David has had his fun sucking on Gabriel, as the stud top decides it’s time to get his dick deep into David’s tight butt. And look at the expression on David’s face- he’s feeling every inch of that cock stretching his hole open isn’t he!


Gabriel pounds into David, pulling his dick almost all the way out of his hole before slamming back in, making David moan and groan as his prostate takes a delicious poking…


Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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