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by Nick Swallow


Gabriel Clark, the French speaking top who loves to guzzle cum fresh from the source (this time being his OWN dick!) is paired up with freaking-hot newbie Tony Milan.

Tony has an incredible body, toned to perfection and covered with the kind of sexy fur that makes a grown man go weak at the knees (or so I guess, frankly I consider myself to be a still-growing man). Tony has the look that says ‘oil me up and wrestle with me until your cock slips into my muscular butt’– half of which happens in this scene.

You guessed it, it’s the cock up the butt half. But hopefully next time we’ll get to see him covered head to foot in lard with, say, Bravo Delta‘s lubed up dick sliding between his buns.


Gabriel distracts Tony from some very important typing and pops open his pants so that his already hard dick is slap-bang in Tony’s face. Tony doesn’t need asking twice (or even once) he just leans forward and starts lathering up that thick, uncut cock wit his mouth, savoring the drip of pre-cum onto this tongue.

Soon Gabriel has Tony bent over the desk and is sensually working his dick into his pert and tight-as-a-vice butt, making the Brazilian stallion moan and buck. After a hard banging, and a few hot position changes, Tony blows his sizable load over the desk- which Gabriel then takes a big lick of! This sends Gabriel into orbit as he blows a big, shooting load as high as Tony’s shoulder and then over his hairy abs.. which, you guessed it, cum-slut Gabriel takes a big mouthful of- and then gives Tony a big, deep kiss! Hot!

Check out the trailer for yourself below and see the whole movie here!

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