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by Nick Swallow


Ricky Roman & Gabriel Clark in the same room- all of us Cockyboys fans wet dreams, no? It’s certainly mine, I’ve been waiting to see these two paired up since I first set eyes on Ricky’s pert butt and Gabriels uncut dick- a match made in heaven right?


I know I’m asking a lot of questions today, but I’m a little light headed from jerking off three times in a row and I’m finding it hard to think straight. That’s what this scene does to me.


You want to see Ricky & Gabriel 69? Check.

Ricky riding Gabriel’s dick like it’s a bucking bronco? Check.

Gabriel swirl his tongue around Ricky’s tight hole (which I imagine tastes like strawberries)? Check.

Ricky running around the room dressed as a fish while Gabriel chases him with a giant lemon? No. Now get out of my head and watch the trailer already:

    What a very hot and sexy scene. Ricky’s body has never looked better. Those gorgeous brown muscles just ripple with pleasure. The chemistry between Gabriel and Ricky is just unmatched. Again what a great scene Cockyboys. Always hit the mark each time.

    August 29th, 2013 10:22 pm

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