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by Nick Swallow

In my daily porn blog crawl, occasionally I come across a post that makes me stop, think, and re-evaluate my life’s priorities. Today, I came across a post that just made my dick happy. And I thought I’d share it with you. From the lovely DudeTube blog:

Here are some of my favorite ginger pornstars. First up is my personal favorite Josh from New York Straight Men (1). Some of my other favs are Randy Blue’s Riley Price (2), ChaosMen’sJonah (3), James Jamesson (4) & Brandon Bangs (5) & Blu Kennedy (6).


I also took a very informal Twitter poll and the hands down winner was Kennedy Carter. You remember Kennedy from his recent superhot scene with D.O. fromGolden Gate.


Fucking yum, am I right? Who are your favorite gingerkid pornstars? Do you like it when the carpet matches the drapes? Is Kennedy Carter not one of the best should-be-Cocky-Boys out there?

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