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Thanksgiving is an opportunity to take a moment to look around you, observe all your blessings and all the wonderful people in your life, and perhaps watch a football game on tv. It’s a time for delicious food – the classic Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, and as much pumpkin pie with whipped cream as you can possibly consume.

It’s also a time for porn.

Technically almost any time is a time for porn, but here at Cockyboys we want to give you a little extra something to be thankful for, or more precisely, five Cockyboys scenes to be thankful for. Whether you’re spending the holiday at home, joining the late night shopping crowd (please don’t) or busily eating all the leftovers, we know you’ll have time for at least one of these Cockyboys favorites. Grab that dessert plate and find yourself some privacy. I promise you’ll be thankful you did.

The Name of the Game This is where it all started. With an all-star cast including Mason Star, Tommy Defendi, Gabriel Clark, Phenix Saint and Kennedy Carter, this five part series is Cockyboys’ first feature film, and established the trend they’re still building on today with their innovative porn features. You might even recognize some of the classic scenery in the background! With its story of sex and intrigue in the New York City nightlife, Name of the Game gives it all: something to think about, something to be entertained by, and something to jerk off to. It’s the full Cockyboys package.



Jake Bass and Dillon Rossi (part one) This scene establishes Dillon Rossi as a full-fledged Cockyboy, and furthers Jake Bass on his path to porn stardom, with an abundance of chemistry, flirtation and fucking. There’s no denying the genuine connection Jake and Dillon share – it’s been observed both on and off the job – and this scene shows off their potential for some of the hottest sex you’ve ever seen. It just has that spark that makes gay porn into Cockyboys porn.



Boys to Adore Galore Once again, trend-setting arrives at Cockyboys. The first of the Porn Haus films, a loosely connected series based on both art and porn, BTAG also provides a fascinating glimpse of history you’re unlikely to have read in your college textbook: that of Andy Warhol‘s porn films. Who knew that famous pop artist was also so keenly interested in gay sexuality? Jake Jaxson knew. And he brought it to you with the help of Ricky Roman, JD Phoenix, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Jett Black, and Bravo Delta. Boy, did he bring it.



Zach, Asher and Levi This is one of the most successful threesome scenes on Cockyboys by far. With a five-cock rating, you know it’s good. Though Levi is the only model still currently working with Cockyboys, these three guys have a chemistry and an ease which are due specifically to the three-part dynamic – no two of them alone could possibly have generated the sexy friction that all three create together. On top of that, there’s a beautiful summer story to go with all the fucking. Put this on and you’ll be swept right back to a warm, breezy day by the lake. And a warm mouth on your cock, and a warm pair of lips on yours… at the same time.


Colby and the Camera Man Of course. How could we leave this off the list? How many scenes just like this have you seen? None, that’s how many. Colby Keller is a hot, hot lumberjack who loves to play to the camera – and to the camera man too. I won’t tell you who the camera man is… but surely by this time, I don’t have to?


Now get to eating… and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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