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by Chris Harder

Go-Go Harder is a world-renowned go-go dancer, club promoter, and Boylesque performer. CockyBoys is his first foray into the porn world — he released a solo scene with us in March. This summer, he’s taking his Boylesque act to Europe and filming his first hardcore sex scenes for us on the side. The Cocky Beast asked him to write a column for us documenting all his experiences for fans back home.


Photo via John Paul Bichard

Sometimes your first hardcore sex scene is shot in a hotel, or maybe against a simple white back drop in someone’s studio, and sometimes you find yourself in the remote country side of northern UK fucking with two experienced, well hung English lads. I’ll let you take a wild guess as to what my experience was. And this wasn’t just any “open-air” act of fellatio or doggy style behind a pine tree maneuver, either. No, my friends, this was a decadent — albeit semi-dangerous — “Harder sandwich” served up between the likes of UK-based sex studs, JP Dubois and Sam Barclay, deep inside a deserted, crumbling cotton mill in the remote Manchester countryside.

But first a little back story: I’ve been traveling through the UK and Europe now for the past six weeks on what I’m informally referring to as my “Euro-Harder” tour, making the rounds through the European Union’s clubs and theaters, performing my Boylesque routines as well as documenting my travels both on and off stage via a slick, HD mini-cam. When this trip is over, I’ll have toured through six countries — England, Germany, Sweden, Brussels, The Netherlands, and France — and eight cities, performing over thirty shows and filming one epically fore-skinned sex scene.


Photo via Magnus Beuys

The actual trip to Manchester itself had been a complete whirlwind of international travel, hedonistic drag queens, and endless tiny cups of overpriced espresso. Site note: one of the first things I’m going to do upon arrival in Manhattan is head to the nearest Starbucks and get a giant coffee the size of my face. I may even just hook one of those special “coffee boxes” via I.V drip into my arm and feel the hot, Americanized strains of caffeine reinvigorate my body. Yes, there are Starbucks overseas, and yes, I know that many of you probably detest the brand and its coffee, but until you’ve spent endless mornings searching everywhere from the high streets of London to the back alley ways of Brussels for a decent cup of American joe — as in drip coffee — you can go fuck yourself.

Friday night found me in Notting Hill, Boylesquing for the upper crusts. Saturday morning I traveled via Eurostar to Brussels, sandwiching my strip shows in between Germanic, drag re-envisionings of “9-5” and a completely nude, demonic Mickey Mouse with blood red shellac painted over her teeth; wrapping that show at 4 AM, I picked up some schwarma and chips — kebab shops dominate all of Europe — and enjoyed a dawn-lit tour of old-town Belgium courtesy of a beautiful French-Armenian boy; 7 AM found me showering and packing my beer soaked G-strings back into my travel case for the 8 AM Eurostar back to London where I caught a few hours sleep, a quick workout, and then a northbound train to Manchester where I was promptly greeted by the boyishly good-looking JP Dubois and his equally handsome, dark-eyed boyfriend and business partner, Sam Barclay.


Photo via Magnus Beuys

The next day (I’m talking Monday now), JP, Sam, and myself woke up for an early gym session, the highlight of which had nothing to do with the gym, but the “show” the couple put on for me in one corner of the showers. I had sneaked my mini-cam into the locker room and was now intently focused on capturing the water dripping off JP’s massive foreskin and the care with which Sam was soaping up his perfectly pink hole for me. I could already tell that Sam and JP were pros, and not just because I knew they had successfully and very recently launched their own adult site and brand, UK Hot Jocks.

Whether you’re being shot for porn or soap operas, being on film definitely requires a certain kind of charisma and it was literally dripping off of JP and Sam in the showers. I hoped I had the confidence and libido to match as I toweled off and padded my way back to the lockers…

You can follow GoGo on Twitter here: @GoGoHarder

    Loved reading your wrap-up, GoGo! I enviously & greedily followed your pursuits through Europe & the Motherland, on Instagram & Twitter, wishing I could be along for the ride, even just to carry your bags, sew sequins, glitter clean-up, anything to be a fly on the wall. It looked like you were having a blast and meeting such interesting & amazing people. I recall you were to run a Burlesque workshop in Sweden on my birthday! Lol, I bet that was interesting. Then I was so excited when I realised you were shooting a scene with the Sam & JP from UK Hot Jocks, I love their site and can’t wait to see it! Sounds like it was the highlight of your trip!

    I’m sure you have many stories to tell, so many sights, sounds, colours & smells, I’d love to know when you are releasing the video doc, haha! ;o) xx

    Kirsty aka @christiank
    June 24th, 2013 9:36 am

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