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by Chris Harder

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You know, in the world of nightlife, I’m not a particular fan of us personalities making “statements,” like go-go boys announcing their “retirement” or drag queens claiming Lady Gaga ripped their look off.

However, there is something I’ve been meaning to say for a while now and I feel like it’s best to just lay it out there, explain myself, and let you all interpret as you will.

So here goes. I’m, um, coming out…

I’m not really a “Go-Go Harder.”

I’m actually, a “Chris Harder.”

I’ve decided to use my “Christian” given name as my artist name, my porn name.

Now, before this starts getting really self-absorbed and dramatic and I begin referring to myself in the third person, let me just say this: I’ve gone back and forth over what to call myself since this summer. I very much feel that the release of my docu-porn, “Go, Go-Go, Go!” is the perfect book-end to punctuate that part of my career. I started with a bang at the Cock, and I definitely ended with a bang in Manchester–if you haven’t seen the film yet, you can catch a clip, HERE.



Believe it or not I’ve always been Harder, or, “a” Harder, as in one of the many in the Harder family tree. Its truly my last name! I think the heritage is German or Scotch but ultimately one of those surnames that got botched at customs when the first H-man made his way over from whatever country I’m really from.

I won’t lie: growing up, I hated my last name. As a kid–before I knew about sex–I was always irritated why grown-ups could never pronounce my name right. Lunch ladies would stumble across my name and blush for seemingly no reason or gym teachers would always kind of smirk in my direction when taking attendance.

Then when I was a kid and finally knew what sex was, the tormenting really began. “Oh, yeah, do you like it harder, Harder?” (the true cleverness of middle school students); or, “Do me harder, Harder… HARDER!”

By the time I finally moved to New York and had the opportunity to join Actor’s Equity, I seriously thought about changing my name entirely. “Who would take “Chris Harder seriously anyway at an audition,” I thought. “I might as well be shooting a porn…” Little did I know that in less than a year “Harder” would be the only part of my name I kept, and not only kept, but promoted religiously.

I started stripping and go-go dancing as “Go-Go Harder.” There’s a story there but I’ll save it for another post. Needless to say it involved lots of vodka and a night out at the Cock in the Lower East Side. Flash forward four years and I’ve been working steadily in night life and the burlesque community as “Go-Go Harder.” In those four years, I have definitely grown to love my last name. In a sea of performers and personalities who are less lucky to be born Smith’s, or Johnson’s, or, I don’t know, Rothschild’s, I now feel lucky to have a devilishly duplicitous last name.

However, when I started getting into porn last spring, I realized that I had in fact out grown at least part of my name. “Go-Go” just doesn’t feel right to me anymore. I’m not ashamed of my past work as Go-Go Harder. After all, its partially what led me to adult films and mostly what got me hired by Cocky Boys to begin with.

But I do feel that “Go-Go Harder” and Chris Harder just aren’t the same person anymore. The goals I’m trying to accomplish now in the adult and performance spaces have shifted over the past four years–how could they not?–and so I feel it best to, um, say “goodbye to Go-Go.”

And it doesn’t makes sense to me to completely pick up another alias either. One can only have so many personalties and anyway, aren’t we all a little sick of trying to memorize everyone else’s second and third nicknames? And practically speaking, in a world of hash-tag’s, logos, and seemingly limitless social media platforms, it doesn’t make sense to me to even combine the “old” with the “new” Harder. “Chris Go-Go Harder” is, well, just too bulky.

I’m Chris Harder. I’ve always been Chris Harder, and I’m proud to attach that name to my work with Cocky Boys because I honestly believe in the quality of these films just as I believe I will continue to have an even longer, Harder career in the adult space as a performer, producer, and director.

So there. Statement made. I’m still a Harder by any other name, a Harder for all seasons, a Harder you can trust… you get the point.

And I’m still 100% committed to making lunch ladies blush whenever possible.

    Chris Harder is endlessly fascinating. He can do porn, sure, but he has so many other talents. . .and now apparently he can write!!! Really well! I love his blog and am so glad we get to learn more about him.

    December 10th, 2013 10:04 am

    “And I’m still 100% committed to making lunch ladies blush whenever possible.”

    Love you Chris great post!

    December 10th, 2013 5:53 pm

    I have to say this really made me smile. While not quite the same thing, I was encouraged when I first started being published to come up with a “pen name”. I considered it and decided that I wanted to be able to look at what I wrote and say to people “this is me.” I write novels….romance, thrillers….that always have gay main characters. I was a little hesitant at first to promote myself in my personal life as I was unsure of the reaction I would get as a straight, married, 40-something woman. Then I decided I didn’t care. So, here I am, real name and all.

    And I’d like to be one of those lunch ladies you were trying to make blush…but you’d have your work cut out for you.

    Cindy Sutherland
    December 10th, 2013 8:59 pm

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