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by Jackie Vicki

Even away on an island with just my Tablet to keep me connected, I knew from the Twitter-sphere that I had to watch Hayden and Levi Flip-Fucking ASAP. As I waited for it to download, my expectations continued to grow. From Jake Jaxson‘s description to the endless five-star reviews it had already received to the promise of a flip-fuck (I really love something about the changing dominance and revenge elements) — it was obvious I was in for a treat. Anyway, I was not disappointed, and here’s my play-by-play to get you in the mood to watch it, too.

Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter Flip-Fucking

It was impossible not to smile during the opening monologues from Hayden and Levi. “Once I kiss him, it’s like everything stops for a minute,” said Levi.

Suddenly, this secretive peek into their passionate stoppage of time felt almost intrusive, yet their personalities were still somehow inviting. Their appreciation for each other shined through with every spoken word and candid take. Not even a minute in, when Levi sneaked up and interrupted Hayden’s interview with a kiss, my generally Grinch-sized heart actually swelled. You can’t fake this kind of connection!

One of my favorite things about CockyBoys is their lack of obvious bedroom studio sets and their seemingly endless supply of beautiful locations to shoot. When they begin to suck each other off on a rooftop bench, the public nature of it makes a great twist. They can’t even keep their hands off each other long enough to get all the way down the stairs.

“This is hot. Trust me,” Levi assured a hesitant Hayden as he went to work on the blond’s cock and ass with calm and determined skill. The audio was unreal as the sounds of Levi’s lips and Hayden’s moans echoed through the concrete stairwell.

Ten minutes in and they were in a third location, this time with the privacy and comfort of a bedroom. Both wearing only sexy, tattered jeans, they kissed with the tenderness of lifelong lovers usually reserved for off-screen romance. The soundtrack of New York City filtered in through the window as Hayden ordered Levi to spit on his dick and worked a finger into his hole.

Levi finally got behind Hayden and started to open him up, teasing him with the tip of his head against his ass before forcing his way in. Hayden’s happy (and not at all pain-filled) groans were crazy hot as Levi flipped him over and Hayden started to jerk himself off in time to Levi’s thrusts. I couldn’t stop watching Levi’s muscles clench as he moved, and the camera angle starting at 19:38 was unreal. Hayden’s gasps of, “This is so hot, this is so hot,” are enough to make you shiver.

Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter Flip-Fucking

The clock said there were barely eleven minutes left in the scene, and I couldn’t wait to see Hayden take his revenge on Levi’s ass — but he seemed way too happy bottoming for me to grow too impatient. I loved the moment at 22:58 when Levi placed both palms on Hayden’s shoulder blades and pinned him to the mattress.

But then Hayden whispered, “It’s my turn.”

Levi’s lips twitched with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Hayden worked his huge cock inside him and quickly picked up the pace. Their unbearably adorable kisses continued even as Hayden locked an arm around Levi’s chest for leverage and Levi rolled his hips in a very Anthony Romero/Colby Keller-esque way.

My favorite part of the whole 33-minute scene had to be right near the end, when Levi clamped his teeth down on Hayden’s hand to keep from crying out as he was fucked hard. He then climbed on top of Hayden and rode him until he came all over Hayden’s tattooed chest with the sweetest little whimpers. Hayden followed with an impressive shot of his own, adding to the mess on his chest and abdomen.

Another amazing scene, CockyBoys!

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Jackie Vicki is a gay porn-loving college student interning for CockyBoys this summer. You can follow her on Twitter here: @jackievicki

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