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by Cilantro Che Guevara

The gay porn website I work for, CockyBoys, actually has a lot more going on at the moment than just gay porn. If you’re familiar with us, you know we’re all about breaking boundaries and reaching out to those who want something more wholesome and innovative to accompany their jerk-off material. But if you’re not familiar with us, allow me to introduce you to our content with the current hottest scenes we’re releasing/just released.

BTW, it’s always fun for me to do these recap posts every once in a while. It’s interesting to see how different of a studio we were from one point in time to another… yet our fan base continues to grow… nah mean? Plus, I was always a huge fan of VH1′s Top Ten Countdown back in the day because it was always so suspenseful. So now I get to run a countdown of my very own.

5. Dillon Rossi Flip-Fucks Pierre Fitch

Dillon Rossi Fucks Pierre Fitch

Dillon Rossi and Pierre Fitch are both so versatile. When they top, you’re thinking they only top, but when they bottom, you think they only bottom. That’s how well they fit into their sexual roles. Fair warning: when you watch this video and all the things these guys do to each other, your head might explode in some kind of sexual Matrix-style WTF moment. Pretend you were straight and were watching a guy fucking a girl… then imagine that girl throwing him off of her and slamming his butthole with a dildo strapped to her pussy but still feeling JUST as turned on! That’s the only way you can describe watching this scene.

Watch the scene here.

4. Dale Cooper Flip-Fucks Anthony Romero

Dale Cooper Fucks Anthony Romero

Dale Cooper is not just a piece of meat, but also a political activist and writer for the Huffington Post. He reminds me of those girls who get naked all over the Internet or TV as a feminist statement but then say, “I’m non-cis by the way. I can tell you’re going to have to Google that,” except he’s a man instead of a girl, he doesn’t boast about his brains, and he gets naked on the Internet just ’cause. So I guess he’s nothing like what I just said he reminds me of, actually. Basically, I think the content in his writing and the sex scenes he shoots complement each other nicely, and it’s incredibly difficult for any porn star to accomplish that — male or female.

This scene with him and power bottom Anthony Romero is actually our most watched this week, so you better check it out.

3. Jett Black Gets Fucked by Arnaud Chagall

Dale Cooper Fucks Anthony Romero

Jett Black is our newest exclusive CockyBoy, and the Internet already has a giant boner for him. He has this amazing hair reminiscent of Nick Carter, Leonardo DiCaprio, and/or Ryder Strong circa 1995 that makes you feel like pounding him in the back of your parents’ Ford Explorer while Ace of Base plays on the radio. He’s also Canadian, which adds a unique but not unwelcome layer to the fantasy. The fact that he’s getting railed by fellow Canadian Arnaud Chagall here ups the ante again. So watching two hot Canadian boy band members from the 90s have sex on camera is quite funny and erotic to watch. It makes me want to explore the attic of my childhood home and make my naked GI Joe dolls scissor with each other.

Watch Jett get plowed here.

2. RoadStrip

Our super top secret follow-up to Project GoGo Boy arrives very soon. I am actually working heavily behind the scenes on this project, so trust me when I say soon. This new reality sex series is probably exactly what you’re expecting and exactly what you’re not expecting at the same time. There are lots of twists and insane plot elements that will totally knock you off balance. Basically the series follows pseudo cutthroat super-twinks, Max Ryder and Jake Bass, as they move away from the competitive (and fake) world of New York City GoGo dancing, and hit the road on the trip of a lifetime. They also want to fuck hot studs along the way, but will they be successful?

To stay updated on when the series premieres, sign up here.

1. The Haunting Part III

The Haunting III

One of the most successful CockyBoys series in history is set to release its final installment at the end of this week! Combining drama, terror, sex, and his own personal experiences growing up in New Orleans, director Jake Jaxson takes the series to an entirely new level yet again. Our fans are way excited to see how this series wraps up. I have seen the final cut, and your heads will be blown (in all the ways they can be of course).

Click here to sign up and see for yourself.


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