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by Nick Swallow

Hey Pornsters,

So I’m super fucking excited about this new release by Eurocreme: House Boy, part of their Dream Boy series (Porn Boy, Party Boy, Pool Boy, Straight Boy, Skater Boy, Builder Boy), it’s an anticipated new release. The studio, Eurocreme, and director, Simon Booth, really put a lot of work into this one, and that’s why there’s so much hype about it. Check out these free pictures from the DVD:

Stills from House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Gay Porn Addict, Hugo Harley, did a great interview with Simon Booth (who also directs the studios Rudeboiz and Hung Ladz) , and he’s got more hot photos as well: Check out Hugo’s interview with Simon Booth.

Hugo Harley: Hey Simon. How are you?

Simon Booth: Hi! I’m good, very busy, as always! Just been doing the trailer for HouseBoy today and trying to sort the cast for Hung Ladz.

HH: I could understand that.  You’re the director/producer of how many lines now?

SB:  I’m doing 3 lines, DreamBoy, Rudeboiz and Hung Ladz.

SB: Keeps me very busy.

HH: That’s very cool. And those are bestselling lines with distinctive looks. How would you describe the content of each of the DreamBoy line?

SB: Well, DreamBoy is our premiere range, and our flagship range.  It’s glossy, with high production values, very cute young guys (18 – 24) with good bodies, and a cute story, often with a sense of humor; a bit tongue in cheek

HH: I definitely agree. Spy Boy, Soldier Boy and Porn Boy were some of my faves from the DreamBoy line.

SB:  I’m glad you like those – I really like those titles too, I’m really proud of the work I did on them with Max Lincoln. Porn Boy was mine; the others you mentioned were directed by Max Lincoln.

SB:  Rudeboiz guys tend to have very short hair, or shaved heads, like skinhead style, and wear sporty clothes, trackie bottoms, trainers, a cap, a cheap chain.

SB:  [They’re] a bit aggressive looking, they pride themselves on being straight looking and straight-acting.

HH: The Hung Ladz series, obviously, uses well endowed models.  Is it hard finding guys to fit those criteria?

Here’s some more hot stills:

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Eurocreme presents House Boy

I have the trailer on my computer, and I’m trying really hard to get it on my blog, but I can’t figure out how to do it and I’m on the verge of stabbing myself in the eyeball with a paperclip. So till then, you can go to Hugo’s “I Need Gay Porn Blog” to see the House Boy trailer.

I’ll keep you posted as to when I’ll be releasing it. I’m probably going to give you a great deal on the DVD, and maybe even do a cool promo, ONE: because I love my customers and TWO: I’m totally awesome

On a tangent, Halloween is coming up, and I know what I’m gonna be:

I've blurred my face for the sake of anonymity

I've blurred my face for the sake of anonymity

And of course I’ll be shamelessly promoting myself with my pumpkin. Beat that.

Tangent #2: I beat Brian Ritz‘s ass at bowling on Friday.




I’m taking pre-orders for Eurocreme’s House Boy on! Check out the cover. It’s fucking hot!

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Eurocreme's House Boy

Eurocreme's House Boy 25% OFF!

    But but but…your costume…DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE! *head explodes* Why is that dog dressed like a monkey…with carrots on its neck…and a pumpkin!?!??!?!


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