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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Simon Archer

One of our members left us a comment reading, “solo scenes are like an intermission.” However, I view them more as a meet-and-greet with the cast after the show is over. Without such an intimate atmosphere, I would have never discovered Simon Archer beats off with an arm that has Tweety Bird tattooed across it.

Also spotted were Stewie from Family Guy, the robot from Futurama, Marge Simpson with double Ds, and a Mighty Duck. You might as well throw away your TV because Simon’s got the entire Fox network right here for you, animated at 24 jerks per second.

Simon Archer

He’s a pretty low-key, husky voiced kind of guy, which makes it all the more interesting. His personality is basically the opposite of a cartoon, so I found it funny to watch his brigade of Looney Tunes accompany him on his journey throughout the porn industry.

Anyway, here is Simon beating himself off with the help of your Saturday morning line-up.

To watch the rest of this scene, click here.

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