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by Nick Swallow


At this very moment, in Berlin, the HustlaBall Awards 2009 are taking place, of which I’m getting a live feed (via iPhone from a special informant) of the awards being presented!

Our very own Alex Stevens won the Best Actor award!

HustlaBall Awards: Best Actor Alex Stevens

Sex Pit Sluts won the HustlaBall Award for Best Film. Director Maxwell B. accepting:

Maxwell B accepting HustlaBall Award for Best Film

The HustlaBall Award for Best Cover went to Porn Boy, director Simon Booth accepting:

Simon Booth accepting HustlaBall Award for Best Cover on Porn Boy

Phillipe Delvaux won Best New Actor, his very first films being IndieBoyz 5, Party Boy, Hung Ladz 3 and Porn Boy. He wasn’t there to accept, so instead here’s a gratuitously sexy photo of him:

Philippe Delvaux accepting HustlaBall Award for Best New Actor

Here’s Simon Booth and Alex Stevens after receiving their awards… Congratulations guys!

Simon Booth and Alex Stevens, HustlaBall Awards

Stay tuned, as my informant will infiltrate the HustlaBall Party and bring us exclusive photos of much more porn star action (… or he’s fired).

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