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by Nick Swallow


Does Chicago & the Grabbys porn awards know what it’s let itself in for?

A momentous SEVEN– yes count them, SEVENCockyboys are attending this years Grabbys porn awards to celebrate the ascent of Cockyboys to the peak of the porn mountain. Cockyboys are up for too many awards for this hack to count (literally, I gave up after the first 10, lets’ just say- a lot) and the boys are already chewing at their jockstraps, eager to storm the stage and grab a prize.

When it happens I’m predicting that Max Ryder will be too numb to talk, Jake Bass will give one of his trademark bad-boy smirks and shrug it all off, Ricky Roman will rip off his leather harness hulk-stylee, Levi Karter will do a quadrupedal back-flip and land on Bravo Delta‘s fat cock, Jett Black will crack open a celebratory tube of lube and Dillon Rossi will bend over eagerly to receive his prize.

Tonight is a pre-party and I’ll be there taking pics and filling my notepad with all the goings-on that will keep you hard & entertained this weekend.

From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

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