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by Cory Kane

Cory & Ben

Sun’s out, bun’s out! It’s summer at Cockyboys! Which means lots of tanning naked by the pool, cold drinks, hot boys wearing next-to-nothing, and lots of outdoor SEX!

Calvin Banks & Cole Claire

Kicking off the summer heat, Calvin Banks welcomes Cole Claire to Cockyboys with a mind-blowing pounding. Cole gets increasingly vocal while taking his “Greek God” dream for a ride. Blasting the first load of the season, Cole also gets a massive ‘Super Soaker’ from Calvin as well.

Calvin & Cole Calvin & Cole

Ben Masters & Cory Kane

Ben Masters and Cory Kane finally indulge in their romance by playing hooky from work and playing with each other instead. The boys make the most of the first days of summer with a boat ride on the lake, followed by cuddling on the outdoor sofa, where Ben begs to ride Cory’s cock (and gets TWO loads out of him).

Ben & Cory Ben & Cory

Cockyboys FansOnly: with Boomer Banks & Max Adonis

The first Cockyboys FansOnly (condomless joyride) of summer sees Boomer Banks take Max Adonis’ ass out in the middle of the woods for a pounding. Against the trees, hardwood, and rays of sunlight shining down upon them, Max offers himself up to be throttled and satisfied, raw, by Boomer’s massive cock.

Boomer & Max Boomer & Max

Sean Ford & Troy Accola

Surrounded by the relaxation and tranquillity of Camp Cockyboys, Sean Ford and Troy Accola engage in a summer afternoon flip-fuck on the sun porch. Sean discovers Troy napping on the couch, before waking him up with delicate kisses that he just can’t deny.

Sean & Troy Sean & Troy

Stay tuned for more It’s Summer At Cockyboys highlights!

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