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Gabriel Clark is, in his own words, “all about the ass,” and in this latest scene from Cockyboys, his scene partner, Jack Rayder does not mind one bit, all references to Thanksgiving notwithstanding.

One of the things I like about sex is that you’re exploring someone’s body, like you’re getting to know them,” Jack tells Gabriel, and there is definitely a lot of exploration happening here. It starts with each other’s mouths, where Jack tells Gabriel he’s a very sexy kisser. Gabriel replies, “I like your lips.”


That kind of verbal back and forth affirms the exploration as Clark moves his mouth and tongue, and even a little bit of teeth, all over Jack. Starting with his neck, it’s not long before Gabriel’s mouth is up and down Jack’s taut torso, working over his nipples and stomach. These two seem to love the kissing as they return to each other’s mouths after each reconnaissance. By the time Gabriel takes Jack’s cock into his mouth, this foreplay has reached near epic proportions.

“I want to suck you,” Jack begs.


“I want to play with your hole,” the ass man negotiates.


Clark really comes off as an exceptionally giving lover. We are almost a third of the way through the scene before Jack is allowed to take his partner’s uncut cock into his mouth. Dominant Clark takes Jack’s head and pushes him down on his cock, which Jack valiantly takes every inch of. While that’s happening, Clark goes to work on Rayder’s waiting ass.



After a few minutes of some of the hottest rimming I’ve seen in a long time, Jack tells him, “I want you to fuck me so bad!” Gabriel’s desire is palpable, but first he bends down for one more taste.


“How do you want it?” He asks.


“I’ve seen what you can do,” comes Jack’s carte blanche reply.




They switch from Bodyguard position to elevated doggy, while Jack drips precum everywhere. When Clark picks Jack up and pivots so his partner is on his back, it looks as if Jack is auditioning for next year’s Olympics Gymnastics Team. His legs are flying in all different directions. Just after Jack assures him that he can go harder, Clark grabs hold of Rayder’s 7 inch cock like it’s a joystick and goes to town with the signature thrusts we’ve come to expect from the performer. Gabriel leaves little doubt how, in the four and half years he’s done porn, his surname has become a verb. Jack is getting the Clarking of a lifetime.


These two men clearly enjoyed having sex with each other. It’s never more evident than when Jack starts to ride Gabriel. Each time he lowers himself onto the Canadian’s dick, the fuller Gabriel’s balls appear to get. This builds, passionately, to two of the hottest climaxes in Cockyboy history. Gabriel appears to love Jack’s cum, scooping it off his own chest to taste it. Finally, not to be outdone, Jack hits his knees to take Gabriel’s load in his mouth.


JJ was right when he theorized this scene would go to the top of Gabriel Clark fan’s favorite lists. I think it’s destined to top those of Jack Rayder’s fans just as proficiently.

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