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by Nick Swallow


As everyone knows, Jake Bass is a very enthusiastic young man when he gets the chance to fuck a cute bottom (like when he screwed Jimmy Little on a bathroom floor) and when he spotted Asher’s tight hole winking at him from across the room this proved to be no exception- Jake got hungry to get his cock up that cute Cockyboy’s ass!


Jake screws Asher in a variety of positions, really showing Asher’s hungry hole where he gets his bad boy reputation from. Asher is on his back getting screwed with his legs over Jake’s shoulders, then on his front getting pounded into the matress, then thrown carelessly across a chair to have his ass sticking vulnerably in the air so that Jake can get complete access to it- Asher then blows his load all over himself as Jake teases his prostate with his hard Canadian cock…

Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene here!

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