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by Nick Swallow

Jake Bass is the kind of tattooed young punk that you DO want to bump into in a dark alleyway- because you know he’s going to bend you over and give you a good railing whether you like it or not. Max Carter finds this out in the best way possible in this scene, by getting every inch of Jake’s dick pushed into him, until Jake’s balls are resting on Max’s smooth, toned ass.


But before all that goes down, we get to see something a little more sensual from the two ‘lost-in-lust’ guys, as they swap tender kisses and then exchange passionate blowjobs. Max takes his time exploring Jake’s cock with his tongue, working the tattooed stud into a frenzy as his every sensitive button is pushed. 


All of this is bound to get Jake even more horny for Max, and lo and behold he suddenly decides that he takes the prize that he’s after- namely Max’s tight hole wrapped around his meaty weapon.


Smooth twink Max looks pretty amazing as he writhes and moans underneath Jake’s thrusting form, enjoying that hard cock as it parts his tight hole and rubs his pulsating love button. This starts to send Jake over the edge, so he moves them into a different position so he can hold onto his load for a little longer. But it’s hard- it feels so good- and before you know it Jake is shooting his spunk all over Max’s chest…
Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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