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by Nick Swallow


It’s hard to believe that Jake Bass & Pierre Fitch have never had a scene together- the two of them seem natural guys to pair, with their bad-boy attitudes and hard tattooed bodies begging to be pressed against each other. Well, wait no longer fellow porn fanatics, as the two guys are about to flip-fuck before your very eyes…

The scene starts with the two of them doing what they do best- namely bickering, bouncing their egos off of each other until they’re seeing red… which then translates into some fierce fucking. They’re classic frenemies- having shared a hometown, the small-screen (See Project GoGo boy for evidence) and even ex-boyfriends! So they both have some history to work out on each others holes…


I have a feeling that neither of the guys wanted to be the sole bottom in this scene- as that would denote some kind of winner in the power play. So we get treated to the both of them getting fucked by the other- pretty aggressively as well, Pierre really pounds into Jake, which prompts Jake to do the same back. Watching their tattooed bodies thump against each other as they pound to an impressive orgasm really has to be seen first hand to be appreciated! So…


Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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