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by Nick Swallow

What does it all mean? Where will it all end?


Well, with someone’s dick up someone else’s ass you can bet. But that’s just a small piece of the ‘Answered Prayers’ puzzle- we all know director Jake Jaxson has a talent for creating stylish, story-line driven art-porn (The Haunting, Project Gogo Boy, Roadstrip to name a few) so it’s not a stretch to say that having honed his craft on those fan & industry lauded releases, ‘Answered Prayers’ is going to be his most epic release yet!

He’s staying pretty quiet at the moment on what the film’s going to be about, but just today released a tidbit on his Twitter: “Weaving spiders, come not here”, which is a Bohemian club motto implying that outside concerns and business deals are to be left outside- basically, a siren call for men to come inside & ‘play’…

OR it could be related to the original writings of good ol’ English playwright¬†William Shakespeare “Weaving spiders, come not here; Hence, you longlegged spinners, hence!¬†Beetles black approach not near; Worm nor snail, do no offence.”

Can’t wait to see what Jake teases us with next!


    I also noticed that his open letter about Jett black was titled Answered Prayers. Any connection?

    Jon Jon
    September 5th, 2013 12:32 pm

    Am waiting with baited breathe

    September 6th, 2013 12:27 am

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