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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Halloween has arrived, friends, and Jake Jaxson’s “The Haunting” has finally debuted at CockyBoys this week. This very well may have been one of the most highly anticipated scenes EVER from CockyBoys, so you know the fans’ expectations were very high. But fear not, The Haunting proves yet again that Jake Jaxson is not just a pornographer but a true artist, blending childhood memories, mainstream horror films, Hollywood-style story development, classic editing and cinematography, Black Swan-style paranoid sex hallucinations, with intensely erotic gay filmmaking.

Jake Jaxson's The Haunting

When I saw The Haunting for the first time, it became clear to me that Jake Jaxson has drawn an interesting parallel between the build-up of classic suspense storytelling and the build-up of an orgasm. The ladder is usually all there is to regular porn, and the former is usually all there is to non-XXX filmmaking. The film hooks you in with its suspenseful spookiness — where there is no sign of this being a porno flick — and just as you are about to cover your eyes in fear of what will happen, you realize you kind of have a boner and you now have two reasons to be engrossed.

The film begins with a winding country road, similar to such campy classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Evil Dead, followed by the introduction of our two unsuspecting (and dare I say ill-fated) leads (played by Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel). The two play boyfriends, which in itself is groundbreaking for the horror canon, but their naive dismissal that anything can possibly go wrong on this romantic trip is instantly recognizable to plenty of other slasher flicks. You just know something is going to go wrong… but when? you ask yourself. Well, duuuh, as soon as they fuck of course.

The Haunting gives us a little taste of what’s to cum when Dillon is sucked off by Jake in a graveyard (can you say classic scene?!), which is honestly no more XXX than when the dumb blonde whore runs around the forest in whatever John Carpenter movie from the ’70s you’re watching. Achieving sexual pleasure is a big no-no in horror, though, because of course you’re going to see the very antithesis of sexual satisfaction… scary flashes/hallucinations of a strange man (played by Arnaud Chagall) who appears to be spying on the couple (I would say he kind of looks like a woodcutter, but that would be too easy).

So Jake and Dillon brush it off and try to enjoy the rest of their weekend, thinking it was all some sort of made-up imaginary thing to spook each other out. Yeah, oookay, you guys. The fact that you are two gay protagonists in a mind-numbingly straight genre of storytelling is starting to not be weird anymore. Instead of thinking about that, all we are thinking is, holy fuck, the woodcutter ghost is totes gonna cut their wood off! Except, in true horror fashion, there’s always a twist. And Jake Jaxson totally flips the game when that woodcutter comes back and he’s actually not scary at all — he’s fucking sexy and he wants to bork both boyfriends. And Jake and Dillon want to do the same to him… but that’s cheating, wrong, cruel, and y’know-actually-kinda-scary in an entirely different kind of way.

Without ruining the ending (aside from letting you know there is one of the hottest gay threesomes in porn/horror movie/whatever history), I was blown away by Jake Jaxson’s ability to employ all the unique elements of gay relationships into a typically heterosexual form of storytelling to his advantage and create something we’ve never seen before. You will laugh, you will cry, you will shoot cum in your eye. The Haunting is the real deal.


I rate The Haunting 4 COCKS out of 4. Follow me on Twitter: @SillyCilantro

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