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by Nick Swallow

Jasper Robinson is a newbie on the Cockyboys block, and he’s bringing an extremely lean, six-pack-popped body with him. Oh yeah, and that BIG dick swinging between his legs. It isn’t swinging for long though, for as soon as he spies Asher Hawk‘s cute little face and pert butt begging to be fucked, Jasper’s dick thickens and grows to it’s impressive fullness.


Asher of course loves big dicks as he’s a born bottom boy who loves to feel his hole filled with as much thick dick as possible. So when Jasper is teasing his hole, you can see on Asher’s face an intense lust as he imagines what it’s going to feel like to be impaled upon that mighty meat…


As every last inch slips into Asher’s tight hole he moans with masculine satisfaction, and then Jasper hits bottom and BANG both of them are connected as only two men can be. What begins as a slow fucking builds into an ass pounding, hole stretching thrusting that sees both men sweating, groaning and getting close to blowing… Yeah guys, shoot that hot cum everywhere!

Good ol’ Asher, he always takes it like a champ!

Watch the sizzling trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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