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by Cilantro Che Guevara

In an already wild news week for CockyBoys, our very own Jett Black opened up to CBC News recently about his transition from professional ballet dancer to porn performer and how the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School unfairly asked him to leave due to his involvement with CockyBoys. In the interview, Jett comes forward with his real name, Jeppe Hansen, and explains how his expulsion had nothing to do with his dancing abilities or his physique, but because the school was unfairly trying to define what constitutes art.

So, the school forced him to sign a letter that he involuntarily withdrew from the program and denied comment to the news outlet.

Jeppe’s amazing career as a dancer is only just beginning, though, and just because the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School does not believe his segue into adult entertainment is appropriate for them does not mean he won’t continue to dance. What they’re essentially missing out on is a true talent who can not only dance, but who also hones the ability to express his sexuality in an artful way.

Because when you’re watching a ballet, don’t you just kinda want the dancers to take it one step further and rip their clothes off for you? Obviously, someone working for the school had been doing some research…

The full article can be read over at CBC News, and you can watch a video clip of Jeppe in action below.

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