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by Jin Reads

Colby Keller & the Camera Man

It’s 2:00 am. A gentle rain beats on the window of my quiet suburban home. My child sleeps soundly in her bed. Exhausted from a grueling day of teaching and domestic responsibilities, I settle in with a glass of Rex-Goliath Merlot (an homage to this evening’s subject), and laptop to appreciate the art of pornography that is CockyBoys. My expectations are high. I need what only CockyBoys can give me, a guaranteed O-inducing scene.

Tonight’s scene features a solo by Colby Keller. The image of Colby’s fingers buried in Anthony Romero’s ass is eternally branded on my psyche and has been a recurring theme in my dreams since first watching that mind-blowing scene. I’m a little disappointed there will be no finger banging tonight. The series of probing questions from off-camera give us insight into the man behind the copper scruff (if you’re still curious about Colby, ask him your own questions here: The questions that are customary in any solo take a delicious turn when Colby confesses a penchant for anonymous sex and desire to be bound at someone’s sexual mercy. Oh! (crosses legs)

Colby Keller & the Camera Man

All of my senses are heightened because Colby is wearing plaid. If you know me then you know I cannot get enough of plaid. Colby Keller reminds me of a lumberjack whose wood I want to climb. But can you blame me? Oh, but don’t worry. You do not have to be as mad about plaid as I am to fucking LOVE this solo. But can we really call it a solo? Colby has an uncanny disposition for charming the pants off a guy, and, in some cases, his tongue right in to him. And he does just that with the camera man. It’s hard to say whether this was set up beforehand (my guess is yes because who lets another person near his ass if he isn’t prepared? Just saying…) but I’m inclined not to care because it works. It really works! I must take a moment to give proper credit to the fine ass on the Camera man.

Some viewers may be turned off by the shaky camera work or the focus issues, but in my opinion, it adds to the spontaneity and voyeuristic quality of the scene. You have to keep up because the scene is less than 20 minutes. I promise this is 20 minutes you will want to relive again and again. At the halfway mark, Colby gets what he’s begging for but what many of you will miss are his eyes. Watch how he stalks the Camera man with his gaze. His hands are bound above his head and the camera man uses a Fleshjack to work Colby’s cock. The tension is evident in the faces Colby makes and the cocky glint in his eyes. Moreover, there’s more plaid. I can’t go on.

Colby says it best, “That was fun. That was incredible. Unlike any other scene I’ve ever done. Good job, CockyBoys.”

To watch the rest of this scene, click here.

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    Great review Jin, loved the merlot line! I so enjoy your reviews, just the right amount of humour without turning it into a joke.

    April 30th, 2013 4:46 pm

    Awesome review as usual. Your insight is impeccable Agree totally with your comments about the camera work. It makes opus feel like we are peeping in on something we should not be. That’s for the great review.

    April 30th, 2013 8:43 pm

    Great review! I kind of discover the boys no long ago and I’m hooked, my first scene was Colby and Anthony and like you said that scene is imprinted in my brain, but this solo? His expressions, his eyes…I’ve got to watch it again.

    May 3rd, 2013 8:32 pm

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