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by Nick Swallow

There is something about Kennedy that I just can’t get enough of. Watching him over the last few months, and working with him, I have become a huge fan. And everyone who knows Kennedy knows that he’s dating one sexy-mother-fucker–Ivan. I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall while those two suck and fuck each other. So when I saw them at one of our parties I couldn’t help but ask if they would ever consider doing a scene together for Cockyboys. Ivan had never done porn, and has been asked coutless times, and he was instantly turned on when I suggested the idea. Game on!! So, we did things a little differently this time. We set up the cameras and left the room and asked them to make their own sex tape. When we got the tapes back, we were completely blown away from what we saw….like WOW! The passion, the raw intensity, the connection, the way they kissed, and looked into each others eyes while fucking each other! They were so comfortable with one another and knew exactly how to turn the other one on. That’s the real stuff that cannot be faked on camera. Nor will they ever do it again. Kennedy and Ivan decided that this would be the one and only time! (BUT: I have a feeling they will be back ;0) And they did it for us. With love. With passion. And a LOT of spit. Also, be sure to check out the Hipstamatic digital images in the gallery! We asked the guys to photograph each other. Kennedy is an amazing and creative photographer. The result is a beautiful and stimulating expressing of two guys’ love, desire and respect for each other. (Plus some MAJOR hard-ons!) We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. It’s a keeper!


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