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by Nick Swallow

Andrew Christian is well known for bringing bright & sexy underwear into our world, along with some dazzlingly erotic videos to promote said underwear lines. These promotional epics consistently blur the lines between underwear, models and straight up hardcore porn, as they generally feature gym-toned men in nothing but a one-size-too-small pair of briefs (all the better to see their package) parading around, hosing each other down at a car wash, rubbing each others smooth bodies or, as is the case in this video, licking cream out of each others mouths…


And who else but Max Carter would be the Cockyboy who enjoys squirting cream into Levi Michaels mouth? The cheeky blond twink gets Levi to open wide before squirting the white, creamy load into his mouth,  before leaning in and taking a taste for himself.


Then we get to focus on Ricky Roman who’s been blindfolded by a pair of ‘Twerk’ underwear and gagged. Duncan Black does not approve of this- he wants to get his tongue in Ricky’s mouth, so he rips off the tape and gives him a deep, sexy kiss- seconds before Levi Karter appears from out of frame, manhandles Ricky (who looks as handsome as hell in his vulnerable state) and gets his own hot make-out session with him.

The video also features a bunch of other sexy models to feast your eyeballs on, so click play below to watch it RIGHT NOW!!

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