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by Nick Swallow

Hey Pornsters,

Once again, I have to apologize about my prolonged absence from the pornosphere. I’ve spent the last week and a half in Europe, invited personally by the owners of Bel Ami! It was a whirlwind tour, traveling between their offices in Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. I had to opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of the Bel Ami offices. And oh boy, it’s just as exciting as you’d think! First of all, many of their office workers are current and ex-Bel Ami models, so walking into their office, I was almost starstruck. And let me tell you, those Bel Ami boys are even more beautiful in person. I had the opportunity to meet Bel Ami models Todd, Dolph, Kris Evans, Luke Hamil, Ariel Namean, and many many more…. and this brings me to today’s feature: Kris Evans gets first time fucked!

There’s been a bit of controversy recently surrounding Kris Evans. According to a press release:

Currently [Bel Ami’s] most controversial rising star is ex-cop and straight performer Kris Evans. He has recently been embroiled in a local scandal in his home town in Hungary after local and national media outlets found out that he was a gay adult star with Bel Ami, forcing him to resign from the police force.

Well, Kris Evans, with Bel Ami behind you, hopefully you won’t miss your day job! And if you keep turning out dick-throbbing scenes like this, then you’ll never be without a job.

Bel Ami has released Kris Evans first bottoming scene featuring Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios fucking the hell out of him in an explosive three way that cant be missed. Superstar stud Kris Evans has been topping all the boys of Bel Ami since joining the team, but every top has his day on the bottom and Kris’s has finally come. The newbie bottom took a good hard fucking from both Vadim Farrell & Manuel Rios before both boys blow their big load of cum on his face.

Watch the trailer for Kris Evans FIRST TIME FUCK here!

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