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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Levi Karter and Ricky Roman are two of our hottest CockyBoys, and it’s especially hot to see two men of color together in one room! Here they are recapping their first-ever Grabby Awards experience along with some exclusive footage we shot in Chicago of all the CockyBoys mucking about, sticking dildos on windows, doing back flips, and winning a Grabby for Best Movie of the Year… NBD.

Best parts of the video: Jake Jaxson‘s acceptance speech winning best director (if you didn’t know he’s got some Southern twang in him, you know now!) and Ricky Roman remarking, “We are one sick and incestuous family and I love it.”

FYI, Levi and his puppy Bella are actually spending this summer in New York, working in the CockyBoys offices behind the scenes. Did you know that along with being a talented porn star, a talented gymnast, and a talented dancer, he’s also a talented filmmaker? One of Levi’s aspirations is to be working behind the camera, and he’s already off to a great start.

This summer, you can actually expect his FIRST film to be released in the CockyBoys Experimental Short Film Festival (more details to come… including a better name for the festival) with yours truly as the editor! In the mean time, he’ll be editing some more videos for us and managing our official CockyBoys YouTube account (not to be confused with our official Cocky Beast YouTube account). I just love it when Jake Jaxson puts these boys to work.

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