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by Nick Swallow

Levi Karter is more than happy to take on the task of introducing us to Jasper Robinson the hot, lean twink on the Cockyboys scene. The two of them hang out in a plush hotel room chatting, flirting and getting hard from their interaction… both naked, naturally. The two good looking guys decide to leave the hotel and head to an adult video booth- to suck and stroke each other off. Jasper’s first load of the light shoots and splashes against his abs.


So obviously it’s time for a shower… so back to the hotel room! The two of them strip and get wet and are instantly hard. A hardon shouldn’t be wasted so the two head back to the bed and take turns sucking each others pre-cum leaking dick deep, making the other moan and groan and teasing another load to the top of their cocks… then BLAM they both shoot again! Wow! This scene is dripping in young men’s cum!


We all know what it’s like when young guys cum- soon they’re ready to go again. ¬†Jasper must have bottomless balls as he’s shot twice and still he’s ready for more. Young Frankie V, who looks like he should be on a Milan catwalk, is the lucky lad who gets to work another load out of Jasper’s dick. The two of them meet and soon are back in that same hotel room, fucking and sucking and jerking and, yes you guessed it, cumming! BLAM! BLAM! And there you have it, a six load night for Jasper- welcome to the Cocky club!¬†

Watch the whole scene here!!

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