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by Nick Swallow

Levi Michaels doesn’t shy away from a challenge- even one as thick and long as Tommy Defendi‘s cock. Tommy loves to show a bottom just what he can do with his truncheon sized meat, especially one as young and cute as Levi.


The scene is beautifully lit, with warm sunlight steaming into their room and bathing the two of them in a sexy haze of oranges and reds. Tommy’s hard, muscled body thrusts back and forth as he pushes his cock into Levi’s tight hole, making the blond twink (or is he just a little too hairy to be a twink? That stubble confuses my twink sensors) moans and groans beneath him.


The guys change positions multiple times, at one point Levi is riding Tommy, pushing back and fucking himself on his cock. It’s sizzlingly hot, watching a guy grinding his ass onto a guys cock, taking it balls deep and doing it with style.


And when the cum shots happen- oh my. Tommy feeds cum-hungry Levi his load, shooting over the young man’s hairy chest, chin and tongue… yummy!


Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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