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by Nick Swallow

I watched the movie Dandelion last night, and although I knew the main character looked familiar I couldn’t quite place him. Of course I rushed straight to IMDB and discovered it was Vincent Kartheiser! Why does that name sound familiar to you?

It’s Pete Campbell, bitch!

Which just fuckin’ blew my mind (in Dandelion, Vincent plays a teenage boy, though he was 24 at the time…and as a rural teenage boy, he looked not like 1960s New Yorker Pete Campbell at ALL). I haven’t been keeping up on Mad Men (too busy watching Grey’s…*sigh*), and seeing Vincent Kartheiser reminded me of my all-consuming hard-on for Jon Hamm (who plays Don Draper in Mad Men):

Then we also have my other Mad Men favorite, an actually gay character (who’s gay in real life also!), Sal Romano:

Here’s one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen on regular TV. (I actually rewound and re-played it…and jizzed all over my keyboard…whatever, fuck you, I think it’s hot):

So this has been today’s advertisement: go watch Mad Men, you horny fuckers!

Update: SO. CLOSE.

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