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by Nick Swallow

Manuel Rios Bel Ami

Here at the office of Studmuffin Blog, we take great pride in reuniting porn stars with their long-lost siblings, parents, cousins, etc. Today we’re proud to present a special reunion featuring Bel Ami’s Manuel Rios and Justin Chambers. You know Manuel from: Taboo, Orgies, Too Big to Fail, Cocky Friends, 5 Americans in Prague, etc. And Justin’s best known for his recurring role as Dr. Alex Karev on my favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy.

…okay, see even if you don’t think they’re totally brothers, you can at least have a few beers, cross your eyes a little and voila! You’re watching Dr. Alex Karev fuck his little heart out. Yum!

Manuel Rios Bel Ami
Manuel Rios Bel Ami

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