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by Quin

If your like your gay sex full of passionate, masculine men, this pairing is ideal for you. Marco Gagnon and Seth Santoro have some serious chemistry and some seriously manly bodies, and they’re not the least bit shy about enjoying each other. There’s a raw, natural quality to this scene that will really get you in the mood – read on for Jake Jaxson‘s description of Marco Gagnon Fucks Seth Santoro, and some great feedback from satisfied fans!


“Some guys are all talk and no play, but Marco Gagnon is the opposite. He’s a man of few words, but he really expresses himself when he’s fucking a hot bottom like Seth Santoro. Seth flew up to Montreal to meet Marco, but he had no idea what he was in for when the seemingly quiet Marco let loose!

At first the guys worked each other’s cocks, kissing, groping, and blowing. But then Marco pushed Seth’s thighs high up against his abs and just started pounding him. Seth has one of the most perfect asses, so of course Marco was in heaven. After Marco spoon-fucked Seth and Seth rode Marco until they were both moaning, they both shot huge loads jerking off next to each other. Just goes to show that shy guys are the ones you always have to watch out for!


Jake Jaxson


“Wow!!! There was some chemistry there!! My God Seth Santoro is a beautiful man!! Love his sweet personality and how he kind of ran the show ;) Even when he bottoms I love it when he gets a little bossy! Marco seems very quiet and shy, would like to see him open up more ;) More Seth please!!!”
SP88 12/12/2014

“I LOVE Seth Santoro and so glad he’s working with CB!! He’s absolutely beautiful and a great performer. Very hot scene.”
ilovecb 12/13/2014

“I think the direction CB is taking is spot on. There appears to be a new commitment to a more diverse variety of performers that goes beyond the ‘boy’ category to satisfy the memberships’ enjoyment of men. It’s both a heathy addition to the site and a refreshing, positive change. Keep up the good work!”
Kyle 12/14/2014


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