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by Nick Swallow

Max Carter and Levi Karter have had their eye on each other for quite a while now, so Jake Jaxson thought it was about high time that the two of them got in a bathtub together… fo’reals!

And you know what happens when two guys are in a bathtub? bathrub! Levi uses his supple fingers to work deep into blond stud Max’s back, relieving the tension, relaxing the muscles and hopefully opening up his hole a little…


Because he’s going to need it- Levi is going to pump his dick deep into his tight, smooth butt! But before that happens Max has to get Levi nice and hard, and sucks down that hot dick with skill and lust, working his tongue around his dick head to elicit a moan out of Levi. Then the roles are reversed and Levi is feasting on Max’s inches, making the young man groan in pleasure!

This gets Levi hungry for Max’s dick to be inside him, and who can blame him? Max looks angelic, and who hasn’t harboured a desire to get butt-fucked by the good-looking Sunday School boy? Levi climbs on-board and slips that throbbing cock between his butt checks, into his hole and straight to pleasure-heaven. After a lot of hot humping the boys swap positions and it’s Max’s turn to take Levi’s cock, and take it he does, getting pounded good by the smaller but energetic Levi.


This all results on a cum-shot of BIBLICAL proportions. You simply have to see it to believe it! 

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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