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by Jin Reads

When I first saw the thumbnail image of “Ty Roderick Breaks in Max Carter” on CockyBoys, I couldn’t resist clicking the screen shot and losing myself in the erotic scene these two created. I’ve been secretly (not really a secret if you follow me on Twitter) anticipating Max Carter’s first scene with CockyBoys since he and his canine, Jake, flew to NYC a couple months ago. The pictures posted by Jake Jaxson on his blog had me looking back at some of Max’s past scenes trying to reconcile the man I see now with the slim young blond twink I remembered. Although Ty is a relative newcomer to CockyBoys, his scorching scene with JD Phoenix revealed an animalistic nature that would be perfect for breaking in Max. Ty is the big bad wolf that will huff and puff and blow Max’s mind.


Ty Roderick and Max Carter

The first 90 seconds of this scene set the tone; Ty is in charge. Max’s eyes, reflected in the mirror, tell a story of anxious anticipation as he watches Ty tease his cock beneath his sweats. With two little words, Max is across the room, putting himself in Ty’s very capable hands, hands that know just what to do with the blond man within their reach. Ty explores Max’s torso, delving a finger into a perfect little belly button and tweaking a hard nipple. Positioning Max just where he wants him, Ty quests a finger into the small crack of Max’s pert little ass and with a simple command, Max falls to his knees and takes Ty’s semi-hard cock into his mouth. I’ve seen Max suck cock, but not quite like this. There is something different this time.

We are in Ty’s world, so when he commands Max to jack-off for his viewing pleasure, there is no denying the man. Then, when Ty decides it’s time to give Max a little attention, Max’s body responds with an involuntary shiver you can feel through the screen. You can also imagine the way it feels when Ty’s cock fucks deep into Max’s throat or how Max’s tongue feels as it dances on Ty’s sack.


Ty Roderick and Max Carter

We don’t hear a sound from Max until Ty slides his cock slow and deep into him. With his knees pressed to his chest and legs trapped in his worn denim, Max lets loose a series of sweet moans that increase in volume and intensity as Ty sets up a punishing pace. We finally get to see Max’s long sleek body when Ty decides it’s time for a ride. A cocky little grin slips onto Max’s face as he watches himself ride Ty’s thick prick but it doesn’t last long. Ty decides he’s had enough of that position and expertly transfers Max to his back and then effortlessly fucks him standing up. I could die a happy woman right now but Ty keeps going. He returns Max to the bed just in time to fuck him all the way through his orgasm. With a feral twist to his lips, Ty’s cock explodes adding his seed to Max’s belly.

The scene was raw and erotic. Max Carter and Ty Roderick embrace their inner CockyBoy in this powerful scene leaving fans panting for more. Welcome to CockyBoys, Max, and thank you for thoroughly breaking him in for us Ty! To watch the full scene, head on over to CockyBoys and sign up.

Jin Reads is a mathematician, a mom, and a nighttime gay porn enthusiast. She loves technical jargon and erotic gay fiction. You can follow her on twitter here: @JinReads

    I have watched this 3 times now one of my favorites along with Jett Black and Levi Karter. I think Max Carter will have a lot of hot scenes at Cockyboys. And I hope Ty Roderick is a regular top stud would love to see him do Mr.Ryder ;-)

    June 13th, 2013 6:48 pm

    Perfect review. Capture the essence of the scene such amazing details. I am totally in love with Ty Roderick…Man what a total MAN. Masculine, beautiful and take charge. Not usually a fan of the young blonde cockyboys, love my boys dark and sexy. But Max is one beautiful boy with an interesting expression. Was very enjoyable to watch.

    June 13th, 2013 10:00 pm

    Just saw the scene and I was blown away by the “real ness” of it. I could feel the intensity of it! Beautiful and very well done!

    June 13th, 2013 11:35 pm

    Great review Jin. I loved this scene, hung on every minute. Both of these models are excellent additions to the studio. Just when you think Cockyboys can’t possibly improve, things just keep on getting better!

    June 15th, 2013 2:42 am

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