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by Benny Morecock

When Max Ryder decided he wanted to go camping before summer was over, he came up with the idea to hold a contest on his blog in order to find the perfect hiking buddy to pitch tents with. And by that I mean he wanted wild outdoorsy sex with a random Internet stud whose porn star potential had not yet been realized. So did he achieve his goal? I will let you decide for yourself…

Thick-Dicked Country Boy Dillon Rossi

Meet red-blooded American country boy Dillon Rossi, or as I like to call him, Thick Dick Dillon. Thick Dick Dillon is from rural Ohio and had been jerking off to videos of Max Ryder in his isolated country boy farmhouse barnyard cottage for quite some time. An avid reader of Max’s blog, Dillon blew his load extra hard upon discovery of Max’s contest. And we thought his determination was super cute and separated him from the rest of the thousands of applications we received.

Thick-Dicked Country Boy Dillon Rossi

So upon Max’s enthusiastic approval, we plucked eager Dillon out of rural Ohio like a wayward rainbow corn husk and flew him to New York. When we met him in person, we were swept away by his chiseled torso, glowing skin tone, and his darkly mysterious eyes that seemed hungry for sex. This boy was not just a “contest winner,” but a true star made especially bright because he didn’t even know it!

Thick-Dicked Country Boy Dillon Rossi

We simply had to give him a solo scene before he got down and dirty in the great outdoors with Max. And damn, can Thick Dick Dillon hold his own! He jerked it with a variety of toys and finally came hands-free with the help of a fleshjack, a C clamp, and some leather restraints. By the time the scene was over, I was straight up jealous of that fleshjack. The hottest thing about Dillon is that he can shoot a scene like a legendary pro but has the mind of a curious amateur, eager and ready to see where his new career will take him…


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