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by Miss Martine

While at the Cybersockets, I found out about another gay porn awards show taking place in LA: the Hookies, awards for best escorting services among a selection of LA finalists, one of whom would be going on to the International Hookie Awards in March, in NYC.

And who would be attending this exciting escort event at Revolver Bar in West Hollywood? Ty Roderick. What’s more, the host of GSCLive and man behind Red Raw Media, Dean Sage, as well as our mutual friend Cameron Shore, had the hookup with Ty. And since Cam and I had been planning to finally meet while I was visiting his home state, we were able to coordinate a meeting before the show- all three of us and Ty as well, who generously agreed to an impromptu interview for my blog reportings.

I got the call as I was on my way to the Starbucks in West Hollywood, walking north up streetlamp-lined sidewalks in the California evening. Cameron Shore, my cell phone displayed.


“Hi. Do you know who this is?”┬áCameron and I had not yet actually spoken to each on the phone. Gosh, his voice is deeper than I was expecting.

“Um… Is this Cameron?”

Deep laughter. “Does this sound like Cameron?”

“No! It sounds like – is this Ty?!”

“Yeah, you got it! So are you on your way?”


My heart nearly stopped. But I soldiered on, affirming the exact location of the Starbucks, finalizing the time for our meeting. The whole time Ty’s voice just coursed through my ear, buzzing in my chest. It was warm and low and it was pure sex. I couldn’t wait to meet him in person.

Fast-forward through a long trip to Weho, tea and scones at Starbucks, and a wonderful, engaging conversation with Cameron and Dean as we waited for the star of the show, and we were coming to the realization that there would be no time for a chat with Ty – the show was starting soon, and he had been delayed due to not being able to find the proper hairbrush (or some other less vain reason, come up with your own if you like), so we would have to postpone our interview.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled for the evening’s events, and minutes later we met up with Ty and his tall, stunning girlfriend, Mia Isabella, outside of the bar. Ty was just as I expected, rugged, dressed in a black leather jacket, solemn with those piercing dark eyes, but melting into a gorgeous smile as he greeted us. Just shaking his hand had me buzzing.

We then hit another small snag as Dean and Cameron were unable to join us inside the bar. After returning my backpack to me from their car, we said goodbye and suddenly I was alone; surrounded by hot gay men, but all on my own and quite without a drink! I quickly got myself a rum and coke, stood at a table near the door and attempted to blend into the crowd – a little bit. Ty and Mia had run off to talk with other friends and prepare for the show, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next.


That is, until I saw coming in through the revolving door… Tommy Defendi. Fucking gorgeous stunner of the night, number two. I tried not to blush as soon as he saw me, as one does when confronted with Tommy, but he didn’t seem to mind and greeted me anyway. He was still so tall! I’d interviewed him last year for my blog and, truth be told, I had asked him earlier that evening if he was going to be there, so I’d had a heads up. But he was still a delicious sight to see. We caught up a little bit and then I felt comfortable mingling, and chatted with some of Tommy’s friends, and soon Duncan Black arrived as well, and was pleased to talk with me; I think neither of us knew many people there. He was adorable and so nice!

Once the awards began it became evident that, after showcasing the guys on stage together and individually with questions for each one, the voting would be done via audience applause. Definitely not as formal as the Cybersockets, but a hell of a lot of fun. (I even got a little backstage visit, courtesy of Mia Isabella’s invitation.) With three of my favorite guys headlining the show – Duncan, Tommy, and Ty – it was hard to decide who to vote for. Actually no, I lie. Even as a professional, experienced porn reporter, I had already picked my winner before even arriving at the event. But also as a professional porn reporter, I will not give it away here!


Whatever my preference was, the contest came down to Ty and Tommy, and at the last round Tommy won it! He was very gracious in winning, as Ty was in coming in second, and everyone was having a blast. I’d had a couple of drinks, and so had Duncan, and we went out onto the patio and chatted with Tommy and his friends again. To continue the celebration, we decided to go next door to a more elite club (they would not allow my backpack in, and seeing as it hadn’t really been my preferred fashion accessory, I couldn’t really complain).

From there the night got a bit wild, but that is how you party with the gays in LA! Duncan and I got to bond more; I loved every minute of it; had more exciting conversations with interesting people, and went home feeling satisfied once again. The next day would bring new adventures – and new dreams to be achieved.

Check out the pics I took on the night at my media page!

    I am totally not jealous of Miss Martine. AT ALL.

    February 13th, 2014 6:29 pm

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