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by Miss Martine

I left my apartment at four in the morning. It was about 2 degrees outside, the ground was covered with snow and the only sound to be heard was my suitcase rolling through the streets. Between the snow and the weighted quiet there was an atmosphere of Christmas, and my walk to the train station was full of the same joyful anticipation as Christmas morning. I should have been tired but my excitement was too great. My newest Cockyboys adventure was starting.

After planning for literally months, from the moment I’d found out that the Cybersockets were taking place and that Cockyboys and several of its models were nominated for awards and would be in attendance, I was finally setting out for Los Angeles! I’d met a lot of the boys last May, at the Grabbys, but this was taking things to a whole new level; flying across country, getting a press pass because of my newly-created blog (Foxygirls), and best of all, getting an official meeting with Jake Jaxson and his Cockyboys, as well as plenty of VIP treatment from the nicest studio around and the follow-up assignment of writing my reports for the Cocky Beast. In fact it was all a bit intimidating. But I was up for the challenge!


Touching down in LA that morning was even more thrilling – I imagined I could sense the Cockyboys’ presence, somewhere nearby! The day passed quickly with preparations, and after dressing up that evening, dinner and being dropped off at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, I took a deep breath and went inside. I didn’t know if the boys were there yet, but spent some time looking around, chatting with a few other female attendees, and watching the dancers.

Then I found out Cockyboys was still on their way (after a stop and In N Out Burgers, of course), so I decided to wait outside at the red carpet, where I found Mr Pam, Ryker Madison, Duncan Black, and Casey Tanner (my secret almost-gay crush – he would make the cutest lesbian ever!). And then I saw them. Ricky Roman with his gorgeous tan and those dark eyes; little Levi in his cute trousers; Max Ryder sexy and thrillingly aloof as usual. And Levi Michaels, the newest Cockyboy; the sweet Max Carter; and Jake Jaxson himself! After hellos and introductions we had a quick photo op and then it was into the club, and on with the excitement.


We headed for the bar and I made small talk with some of the guys; Levi M. and Duncan asked how I’d met the Cockyboys before. I was feeling really shy but they were so friendly! And Ricky bought me a drink, a very strong rum and coke, and all the gay guys seemed to love my shoes. Things were going well. After a while they headed upstairs and I mingled some more – there was so much to see! Peter from Helix Studios was live-tweeting the event as well, so we flirted a bit over twitter and then Casey Tanner, in a party mood, came up and danced with me for a moment. Oh how I blushed! I watched him dance off and felt if that was my only meeting with him I could be happy.

The darling Evan Parker and Andy Taylor were there! I saw them from a distance and had to get the word to the lovely Hannah Melia, one of their best fans and close friends. I tweeted her a picture and the next thing I knew they were coming up to meet me, having been texted by Hannah that they should say hi and get a photo together. Also two of the nicest gay boys of the night, and a big draw for Helix Studios, as well. I met several other guys from Helix too and we chatted about the studio for a bit, and my blog. Making connections like this was another highlight of my time in LA.

After awhile I made my way upstairs and found the Cockyboys corner, where most of them were hanging around drinking and relaxing while they waited for the awards to start. And there also was Austin Wilde – ooh he was sexy in a plaid shirt and jeans and dark scruffy beard. (I’d met him last summer in Chicago but I’m sure it was only the few drinks he’d had that made him forget me!) RJ Sebastian was there as well, staying (mostly) undercover as he filmed and photographed the other boys. Here’s a collection of vines & images from the night! 


Levi K. was hyper, and Ricky was too, flirting with Austin while they waited for the announcements. Max Carter was adorably shy, smiling sweetly at me whenever I caught his eye. I’d expected him to be more outgoing, based on his videos, but he was just perfectly cute as it was. I had a lovely moment with Levi K. as well, when he seemed to suddenly rediscover me and how short I was, and lamented that neither of us would ever be models, but assured me that if he saw me wearing a shirt in an advertisement he would buy it because I was that cute, all of which only convinced me of how cute Levi himself is. I loved it.

And then the awards began! We had to push forward to the balcony to see the host, Courtney Act, a beautiful blonde drag queen. Our favorite categories had almost all the wins we’d hoped for; Nick the Porn Pup won Best Gay Blog with, and Ricky rushed to accept the award on his behalf, very generously. Bravo Delta won for Best Webcam Performer, and as he was not able to be present, we were treated to a short video clip of him accepting the award.

We were momentarily sad that Cockyboys did not win best movie of the year with The Haunting, but as Helix took the award we were happy that it went to another good studio. And the win of the night, the one we had all held our breath over, was announced – Levi Karter for Best Newcomer of the Year. He was so happy! And so deserving! I would have been equally pleased if Ricky Roman had won it, of course, but as it was we were all thrilled for Levi. He gave a short and sweet thank you to Jake Jaxson in particular and ran back to the crowd, award in hand, to much excitement and congratulations.


After that there was not much more to be done at the club, so we all filed outside and Levi had a little… smoke, much to the consternation of the club’s bouncer. I’m sure Levi thought he was perfectly in his rights, having just won best newcomer in gay porn, and anyway he was so endearing blowing his smoke rings that he had to be forgiven. For a few minutes I thought that might be the end of my evening with Cockyboys; they were drifting away, and I was too shy to ask if they had plans for an afterparty or the like!

Frantically I texted my liaison for the event, Lushus Lisa, and she very firmly told me to go with them: “Run,” she texted; “fast!” So I did – catching up with Levi, still bubbling over with happiness about his win as he hung on Casey Tanner’s arm. I made myself ask if they were going to another club or something and he said no, they were going to IHOP, and it was fine if I came along!

Girls and boys – I was in heaven. This was literally a dream come true for me, to spend some non-event related time with CB, to not even have to worry about taking notes or photos for my blog, but just to relax and be able to connect with the guys, for them to be themselves and for me to as well. I walked along with them all and a few of the guys from Helix too, and one Helix boy in particular – Apple Graceffa, as he is known on twitter – was so sweet to me, walking next to me, making conversation and just generally being adorable and kind and friendly. Levi K. walked with me too, and we discussed his win when he wasn’t posing for vines with JJ. And RJ Sebastian and I had a little chat about why women like gay porn. At last we made it to IHOP and took over a huge table in the back, poring over menus for about 15 minutes before everyone finally knew what they wanted to eat.

The rest of the evening was both thrilling and satisfying. Suffice it to say that all of the models, and in fact everyone who was in attendance there, was perfectly friendly and nice; good conversation was had; many, many pancakes were eaten; and I was more convinced than ever that Cockyboys is the best studio around and also some of the best sort of company a person could keep. I’m still humbled and grateful to this minute that they welcomed me into a visit with them and even treated me to toast and hot chocolate. It was the perfect way to end the night.

    Sounds like you had a ball! You did a wonderful job on the night, tweeting for us. So much so it nearly felt as if we were there with you! Thanks for sharing :)

    February 3rd, 2014 2:30 pm

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