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One of CockyBoys favorite fans, Mr Jeffrey, decided to take a VIP trip to Las Vegas recently to experience Hustlaball Las Vegas first-hand. We pinned him down for a five minute chat about what he got up to over those two, porn-star stuffed days. Check out more of his pics & vids from the event over at his twitter feed: @jah562 

So here is Jeff answering our questions and talking about the fun that stays at Hustlaball – wink wink!…

Hustlaball Las Vegas? I had no clue what it was or what to expect but I saw that CockyBoys would be there. It’s a 4 hour drive and I knew I wanted to go. So I ordered VIP tickets, packed the car, grabbed the room-mate and off we went!  We stayed at The Luxor and got to visit family the first night.  After that… it was a hedonistic adventure I will never forget!

What was your experience like meeting Ricky Roman and spending time with him two nights in a row?

OK EVERYONE knows I love Ricky Roman. Now I have a super crush on him. If it was another space in time I could have put a ring on that. We arrived at a private penthouse suite at Caesars Palace and there he was.  The first person I saw.  Big hug, kiss and picture right off.  He is a sincere and caring person and knows it’s about the fans. Not just with me but he made the effort to ensure each fan felt special. Although I am sure I was super special LOL!

I got to spend a lot of time the first night talking, flirting(?) hehe….  The next night at the club was such fun because I got to see him in his element performing and dancing with the other CockyBoys. Again when I took a break from the action, he sat with us a bit ensuring we were having a good time.  Meeting my crush was more than I could have ever expected and will never forget!


You met the CockyBoys family over the two nights for Hustlaball. What were the moments that stick out in your mind?

Oh all of them are so wonderful. The word family is a good description. They even made me feel as if I was part of that family. Jake Jaxson was a delight. I fell in love at first sight. We talked a bit and got some insight into the CockyBoys family. Now I must admit….Duncan Black is freaking hot! And so nice!  Then there was meeting Max Ryder. He is so funny. He ran up to ensure I had a picture with him and Ricky. My favorite picture of the weekend.

The first night there were live performances. I told myself I wouldn’t watch as I didn’t want to ruin the fantasy. Well that didn’t last long I had to go look. Didn’t ruin anything. Hahaha. And of course how can you forget Benny and RJ. So sweet. My conversation with Benny, which began while I was taking a piss, was wonderful. He is a delight!!


We know there are things that happen in Vegas that stay in Vegas just like there are things that happen in Hustlaball that stay in Hustlaball. So tell us several things that happened we didn’t see on pix and vines? You can change names to protect the innocent…

I honestly took pics and video of everything. It was quite an organized event.  Everyone was so respectful that I saw. Plus I have a fiancé so it’s paws hugging, friends kisses and flirting.


How did your roommate think about the whole weekend?

He had not known what to expect. But he loved it. Already talking about next year!


What advice would you give yourself or another fan who wants to experience Hustlaball for themselves?

Just be yourself. Be respectful. Be a fan not a fanatic. The performers all love their fans!

Now that you have a feel of what it is like to attend a Hustlaball event then go here for more information about the next one in your area.

Remember what happens at Hustlaball stays at Hustlaball… unless there is a vine or two!

    Jeff forgot the part how he was AWESOME and made sure I got pics of my boys cause he is amazing to the fans who couldn’t be there!!

    ~Princess Jen~
    February 6th, 2014 1:45 pm

    Had soooo much fun. Can’t wait till next year.

    February 9th, 2014 4:12 pm

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