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by Nick Swallow

(post c/o Hugo Harley at I Need Gay Porn Blog)

A few months back, the crew at filmed our first original feature. It was our first scripted feature. Though we are all artists with various talents, we were a little apprehensive about the task that we were about to undertake. Needless to say after hours filming, hundreds of takes, a few liters of tears and two temper tantrums, we did it. We made NAME OF THE GAME.

Cocky Boys Name of the Game Front cover

Tommy Defendi on the cover of Name of the Game

Hey GPA’s:

This week we release our first ever scripted feature: Name of the Game! Needless to say, we’re excited about it. It’s like giving birth to a child: it’s hard, painful, full of yelling and tears. But once it’s all said and done (read “fully edited”), you can’t help but see the wonderful beauty in your project. So as a treat to our fans, I would like to provide a bit of the original script for one of my favorite (and adventurous) scenes of the movie. I had the most fun writing this section because it featured two of my favorite people in the world: Phenix Saint & Kennedy Carter. I could see them acting out the positions in my mind’s eye. (And my friends and fuck buds know: I’m ALL about the intricate positions.)



               On the cover of the magazine, we see KENNEDY CARTER with a
               caption: BEST INK ARTIST IN THE WORLD TODAY.

               Guy sits across the aisle from Phenix. Phenix looks up
               briefly and notices Kennedy sitting across from him.  He
               looks on the cover of the magazine and looks back at Kennedy.

               Kennedy looks at Phenix with a friendly smirk.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         Dude, you're Kennedy Carter.

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         I am Kennedy Carter.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         You are one of my fucking idols

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         I appreciate that.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         When you did that actress in her...
                         you know, how did you get her to go
                         through the whole thing without
                         walking out?

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         That's one of specialities.  Are
                         you tattoo artist?

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         Yeah man. But I am trying to get to
                         your status dude. It's hard out
                         there. I'm the type of guy that
                         marches to his own drum, you know?

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         I hear ya. I'm a bit of a
                         malcontent myself. (pause) I'd like
                         to see your work.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         Really? I could show you my stuff.
                         It's at my place.

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         Tell you what: you show me your
                         work and if I like what I see,
                         we'll definitely talk about
                         furthering this conversation.


               CUT TO PHENIX'S PLACE.


               Phenix is showing Kennedy his work.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         ...and this one, I mixed my own
                         colors.  I call that shade A Touch
                         of Phenix.

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         It's a touch of Phenix indeed.

               Kennedy is staring at Phenix body. Phenix is wearing a tank
               that clearly shows his body and under the lights, his muscles
               are apparent.  The pause causes a bit of tension.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         So, what do you think?

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         I think you've got potential. Your
                         own tats tell me a story, you know?

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         Yeah, you know this one.

               Phenix lifts up his shirt and exposes his brass knuckle
               tattoo. Kennedy touches it and traces it with his finger.

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         This... this is very nice.


               Kennedy is staring at Phenix's torso. He looks up at Phenix,
               cocks his eyebrow.


               Phenix has a smirk on his face.  Shrugs as if to say, "Why

               Kennedy starts to kiss up Phenix's torso slowly, licking
               Phenix's tattoos along the way.

               When Kennedy gets to Phenix's lips, Phenix dodges Kennedy's
               playfully.  He turns away a few times.  He stops, looking at
               Kennedy.  He then grabs Kennedy's face makes out with him
               roughly and deeply.

               Phenix pushes Kennedy onto his bed.

               During the foreplay, Phenix tears Kennedy's clothes off,
               kissing and biting every newly exposed piece of flesh.
               Kennedy pants and exclaims ("Oh fuck yeah!") at every turn.

               They roll over with Kennedy on top.  He undresses Phenix,
               taking off his pants.  When Phenix's rock hard cocks spring
               out of his underwear, Kennedy immediately takes it down his
               throat.  He gags on it and coughs.

                                   PHENIX SAINT
                         You like that cock?

                                   KENNEDY CARTER
                         Fuck yeah!

               Kennedy smacks the cock on his lips and tongue.  He sucks on
               Phenix's cock some more, spit on it and slurping his noisily.

               Phenix flips Kennedy over and they start to 69.

               For the penetration positions: THE OCTOPUS, THE ANVIL, THE
               BUTTERLY, THE TREE.

               They finish in THE TREE position with Kennedy climaxing on
               his chest.  Phenix jerks of onto Kennedy.

               Phenix collapses next to Kennedy.

                                   KENNEDY CARTER (CONT'D)
                         You know what, I really enjoyed A
                         Touch of Phenix.

                                                              FADE OUT.

Yes, I know it’s a bit cheesy. But what porn movie isn’t?! At least you know we’re sticking to the genre! As you’ll notice we have names of positions that are noted within the scene. We use these as placeholders for positions for the models. We regularly have images of said positions laying about and we (read “I”) get on the bed, or floor, or stairs, or side of the building and help the models realize the visions. (And yes, it’s an excuse to get near naked boys… ;-P)

For example, THE TREE:

The Tree requires for the bottom to have his butt slightly raised with legs spread apart and one leg bent at a 30-45 degree angle from the bed/platform.

Then is THE ANVIL:

Similar to THE TREE, THE ANVIL is a good transition for the adventurous bottom. It requires a 90 degree angle of the legs while the thighs and torso remain parallel. "Wearing your knees as earrings," I like to say…


And one of my favorites, THE BUTTERFLY:

This is a modified version of THE BUTTERFLY in which the bottom "rides" the top. The bottom uses his arms and hands as a focal point and lets the lower half of his body do the work.


There you have it! This was a glimpse of how we do things. Yes, there’s actually work involved. We like to push the limits of how every person on set works. You can bet that next time, we’ll come up with even more intricate couplings and positions.

Also, be sure to get NAME OF THE GAME over at It’s worth it, I promise!

Luv ya always,

Hugo Harley, your certified GPA!

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