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by Nick Swallow

Duncan Black & Cameron are new boys on the Cocky block- and they’re both aerial performers- fancy that! Duncan wraps fabric around himself and throws himself from the ceiling, Cameron does trapeze and pole (well, yeah!). You can tell the two of them are athletic as they’re both lean and muscled- kind of twinky but with meat on their bones.


Both their young cocks are quickly rock hard and oozing precum, excited to test out each others bodies in the hot fucking that’s to come. In the battle of two athletes, who will come out on top?…

Well, that would be Cameron. Duncan’s a noisy guy when he’s being fucked, but then most of us would be when it’s Cameron shoving his long dick between our butt cheeks- and he’s not too gentle about it either. Cameron fucks Duncan in a variety of positions, and we get some real cool views of his colorful tattoos as he’s manhandling Duncan into a new position or three.


Can I just quickly mention Duncan’s face when he’s getting fucked? It totally changes and gets real masculine, as he’s groaning and moaning and bring overwhelmed with the feelings that Cameron’s cock is producing from inside him. It’s super hot to watch!

Check out the trailer below and see the whole scene for yourself here!

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