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by Nick Swallow


On the one year anniversary of its being released, director Jake Jaxson talks about working on The Haunting:


I can’t believe it’s been a year already since “Jake Jaxson’s The Haunting” premiered. It’s still, ‘till today, my favorite project CockyBoys have ever made (closely followed by the recently finished A thing of Beauty)

It’s WAY more than just porn and way more than just two (or more) people getting it on with each other. There are real emotions, there’s passion, there’s this feeling like…. this is really happening. This is real. And this feeling makes all CockyBoys movies so much more and so much more interesting and fun.


Thank you for all this, and all of you who’ve seen The Hauning in all it’s parts and who liked it as much as I did- the movie is NOW available on DVD! Look here for more information. And if you’re a CockyBoys member, make sure to check out the Bonus Footage of “The Haunting” including an interview with the awesome Ricky Roman!


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