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by Nick Swallow

I was perusing Cockyboys recently, dick in one hand and mouse in the other, enjoying myself as I watched bad-boy Jake Bass screwing the hell out of Asher Hawk. When Asher Hawk came all over his own chin I totally blew my load too- the look on his face was so hot I couldn’t hold back any longer. It got me thinking about the other Cockyboys, and the hot faces they make when they’re blasting their loads across their fellow porn stars.

So I went straight back into the site and checked out some more cum-faces- and I thought I’d screenshot and share them with you so you can decide on whose is your favorite. I’m thinking… Oh, how can I decide? They’re all beautiful and hot in different ways. Seeing a man in complete bliss, without any guard up as he enjoys a mind-blowing orgasm, has to be one of the most pleasing sights one’s eyeballs can have the pleasure of seeing.

Here’s Ricky Roman, Dillon Rossi, Colby Keller & Max Carter blowing their loads…


Levi Karter, Zach, Gabriel Clark and Jake Bass blasting their spunk…


Tony Milan, Ty Roderick, Dale Cooper and Asher Hawk in the moment…


So whose cum face was your favorite and why? Let us all know by leaving a comment! 

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