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Benny Morecock… signing in with exclusive Pierre Fitch photos
by Nick Swallow
Hey fellow pornsters! Please allow me, Benny Morecock, to officially welcome you to my blog. So, instead of a formal introduction and that nonsense, I think it’ll be easiest if I just pull up my bio… “Benny Morecock here, manager of I love my job—I spend most of my day watching porn (and get […]...
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Today began like any other day: I woke up at 8AM due to the sun’s filtering crashing through my curtain-free window. I enjoyed a maple sugar breakfast bar. Went to work. Worked. Interviewed Jessy Karson. Drank some Vitamin Water. Texted my — Oh wait, are you…hun...
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by Nick Swallow
Today, dear readers, I bring you a very special treat. My TOP 10 STUDMUFFINS (in no particular order…or are they?) and where you can see more of them. 10. Alex Alex See him in: Hairy Motherfuckers, Hairy Motherfuckers 2, Hairy Studs Video Vol 3 Watch him now: 9...
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