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by Nick Swallow

You all know that CockyBoys has relaunched. The new site looks awesome, has all HD videos, is amazing, etc. But if you don’t care about the technical stuff and just want to see some good ol’ fucking…well, you’re in luck, too. Part of the CB relaunch is a sort of whole new perspective on what it means to be a CockyBoy. And apparently what it means to be a CockyBoy is to be as hot and determined to FUCK as Phenix Saint is with Andrew Blue.

WARNING: COCKYBOYS DISCLAIMER: This scene not intended to be viewed by anyone with a weak heart. Have you watched the Discovery Channel lately? Well now is your chance to catch up on what’s new. Those crazed-out, sex-starved animals – Phenix and Andrew – are back at it and they mean business this time. They’ve been out and about the porn industry for the last couple of years and they’re done with the whole lovey-dovey stuff. They’ve come back to show you what happens when two of porn’s baddest pigs get together. Phenix completely takes over Andrew and his holes as he chokes, spits, smacks, and DRILLS that pig like he owns it. At one point Andrew breaks down and starts crying like a new-born baby and you can tell by the expression on his face that he is in that animalistic state of mind, driven by his hunger for more of Phenix’s cock, ready to take it as hard as his man gives it to him as if his life depended on it. This is the real stuff, Gentlemen. Intense, brutal, verbal, hardcore… One of Cockyboys’ best scenes so far! You’ve been warned!

For more images of Phenix fucking the everliving shit out of Andrew, head after the jump:

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