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by Nick Swallow

I love doing porn. My favorite part is stories like this, where I can fulfill the sexual dream of one of our new models, and let him get fucked by a guy he’s dreamed about forever. I’d met Stephen Forest at one of our parties at the NYC gay hotspot Splash Bar. He was hanging aroud our crew, and I loved his look so I asked him if he’d ever do porn. He seemed excited by it, so I got him in the bathroom and snapped photos of him. He showed me his huge cock and was smitten. Anyway, the night went on and I could tell Stephen really had the hots for Phenix Saint. At one point Stephen had told Phenix how hot he was, and how he’d always wanted Phenix to fuck him. It was at that point that Phenix told Stephen, “The only way I’ll fuck you is on camera.” Wanna know what Stephen said? Well, watch the movie.

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